Puffs with ham and cheese. Recipe

It's no secret that all adults and children love baking. However, in order to make this or that dish tasty, it is necessary to prepare it correctly. This article will tell you how to prepare puffs with ham and cheese. It is worth saying that puff pastry is quite popular. Recently, it can be found in a large assortment on the shelves of stores. In fact, such a frozen product is in no way inferior to a home test. However, many housewives prefer to do it themselves, especially if baking is prepared for young children. There are two options for preparing the dough. Let's consider each of them.

puffs with ham and cheese

Puff( doughless)

Puffs with ham and cheese from this kind of dough are gentle and light. For its preparation you will need the following products:

  1. A couple of glasses of flour.
  2. Standard pack of butter( can be replaced with margarine).
  3. Half a cup of water.
  4. One egg yolk.
  5. Salt to taste.
  6. Tablespoon of vodka.

Cut the butter and add to it three spoons of flour with a slide. Thorough

ly mix the oil mixture and place in the refrigerator. Knead the dough by mixing the water, flour, yolk and vodka. Also add the required amount of salt. When the consistency of the product becomes uniform, roll the rectangle and place the prepared oil mixture in the middle. Then fold the dough in half and place in the refrigerator.

Immediately before cooking, roll out the dough and cut into the necessary bars. After adding oil, do not mix the workpiece.

Puffs with ham and puffed yeast dough

Puff pastry( yeast)

Puff pastry with ham and puff yeast cheese is similar to classic pies with unusual filling. Inside the consistency of baking has a layered structure. For the preparation of the test you will need:

  1. One glass of flour.
  2. Standard packing of margarine or butter.
  3. A glass of milk.
  4. Sugar and salt.
  5. Dry yeast.

Place the flour in a deep bowl and add there salt and milk with the sugar previously diluted in it. Yeast diluted in a small amount of milk and pour into the bowl. Thoroughly mix the workpiece and add a third of the butter. Knead the mass and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

After this, the oil should be placed in a bag or food film and rolled into a small layer. Prepared dough roll out in such a way that its area was four times larger than the oil bar. Place the butter on the dough and wrap the edges. Roll out the mass and fold it in half. Repeat this procedure several times, after which it is necessary to allow the test to cool down a little.

Puffs with ham and cheese in a multivark

Puffs with ham and cheese in the oven

After the dough is ready for baking, it is necessary to cut it into layers about 10 by 10 centimeters in size.

Prepare a filling of 150 grams of cheese and 100 grams of ham. To do this, grate the cheese on a large grater, and cut the ham into cubes. You can also make a filling in the form of thin bars.

Place the food mixture on a bar of dough and carefully blend the edges. Puffs with ham and cheese should have well sticky edges, otherwise the entire filling will get out during cooking. To get a more sticky consistency, you can lightly moisten the edges of the dough.

Place the cooked pies on a baking tray, oiled or foamed, and place it in a preheated oven up to 180 degrees. Bake the product about 20 minutes.5 minutes before the readiness can lubricate the batter with a beaten egg.

puffs with ham and cheese calories

Ham and cheese puffs in the

multivark. Most housewives have such a wonderful household appliance in the kitchen as a multivarker. In it, you can also cook similar pastries.

Roll out the dough pieces and put the existing filling on it. Lay the formed puffs with ham and cheese on the baking sheet for the multivarquet and set the "Puff Pastry" mode. The smart appliance itself will choose the right cooking time and temperature. And you can do your own business and not be afraid that the dish will burn or be baked.


Everyone loves puffs with ham and cheese. Caloric content of the finished product is about 400 kcal per 100 grams. Therefore, if you follow a diet, do not abuse such pastries. Otherwise you risk to earn a couple extra pounds.

Puffs with ham and cheese are equally tasty with different types of dough. Try both options and choose for yourself the one that more will appeal to you and your loved ones. If you do not want to mess around with the test, just buy it at the nearest store. In it, your baking will not be any worse. You can also freeze the dough of your own preparation, pre-roll it into layers of the required size. Cook with pleasure and pamper guests, friends and relatives with delicious puffs with a variety of fillings.

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