What a child should be able to do in 11 months. Child development in 11 months

Early childhood is a unique time in a person's life. It is in the first year that a basic foundation is laid, which becomes the basis for a lifetime. In this period, everything is important: nutrition, adherence to the regime, good sleep, regular walks, games, achievements of the baby. It is important for parents to know that they must be able to have a small crumb at every stage of their development in order to correct flaws in time.

Child development in 11 months

what a child should be able to do in 11 months A child at the age of eleven months is in a special time - he is no longer a helpless baby, but not yet completely independent. Parents all the more interesting to watch him. The development of the child at 11 months is different in that it includes many aspects. On the eve of the first birthday, a small man can already boast of numerous achievements. What should parents pay special attention to, how to understand if the baby is developing harmoniously? What should a child be able to do in 11 months, and how to teach him the necessary


At this age, children are well-oriented in the environment that surrounds them, and are happy to learn something new. According to what the child knows and knows at every stage of his life, doctors assess his mental and physical development. That's why it is important for parents to know what skills a kid should have.

Physical development of

child development in 11 months To correctly assess the development of a child, it is important to pay attention to the parameters of his physical health. Nothing should be left out of mind by family and doctors. Almost independent man, who already knows and knows a lot, is a child of 11 months. Growth, weight, other parameters of the baby are of primary importance in assessing his health and development at this stage. Parents carefully monitor the crumbs and are guided by these indicators.

The growth of a child in 11 months averages 72-75 cm, in boys this indicator is slightly higher. The kid at this age weighs about 9-11 kg, and the weight is completely dependent on the way of feeding and physical activity. Those kids who spend a lot of time in the hands of their parents and play a lot of quiet games, weigh more than their peers-fidget. On average, a child gains 400 grams every month, and growth over a given period increases by 1-1.5 cm. But these indicators are highly individual: they depend on genetics, nutrition, physical activity, and accompanying diseases of the baby.

At 11 months, the weight of the child "equalizes": previously accumulated surplus is actively spent at a time when the baby crawls or begins to learn the first steps. He knows how to crawl virtuously, sit down from any position, step over feet, often even walk independently.

Sensory and Motion Control

what should a child be able to in 11 months table

The motor of the baby's fingers is so developed that the baby can easily perform even "difficult" tasks. What should a child be able to do in 11 months, how can he play, and how to diversify his leisure time? To help parents come to classical toys: a ball, a pyramid, a tumbler, as well as tolokary, various sorters, cubes and music books.

A child in 11 months can already put small toys or objects in a container, tries to play with a sorter, selecting the necessary details. He gladly collects and disassembles the pyramid, builds "locks" of cubes, plays with a tumbler and presses buttons, waiting for a familiar melody as a reward. The skill of the eleven-month-old child is not yet perfect, but every day the movements become more confident and accurate.

Cognitive activity of

A child of 11 months is a "full" member of the family who must have their own territory. The kid does not know how to service himself, but he is already able to make meaningful actions. During feeding, he already tries to manage himself with a spoon, easily chews on solid food, bites fruit, drinks from a cup.

At this age, planting on the pot gives positive results: the baby begins to understand what needs to be done and can control the process of urination. This is not all that a child should be able to do in 11 months. In no case can not compare children, because each develops according to its own "scenario."So what should a child be able to do in 11 months? The table below shows the elementary skills and abilities of the baby, characteristic for his age.


Standing without support

Runs with support

Sits from any position

Squats to get the right thing

Hands free with both hands

Sensory capabilities and

cognitive activity

Repeats simple adult actions

Collects and parses pyramid

Builds towers outcubes

Emotions and social development

Understands the meaning of the words "no", "impossible"

Performs some actions at the request of adults

Can focus onone case for a long time

Speaks simple words

Emotions and social development

A child understands the value of human communication and does not want to remain alone in the room. It's more fun to play with adults than one. It's time for parents to start studying with him the basics of painting, music, since the baby in 11 months perceives the basic colors, simple forms, distinguishes the key of melodies and is able to imitate simple "dance" movements. It is useful to listen to children's or folk songs, classical music. Development of the child at 11 months is such that it allows you to start attending specialized classes for the youngest.

child 11 months of height weight

At this age, the baby begins to actively manifest his character. He clearly and violently expresses joy, discontent, fear, resentment. Attentive parents who listen to their child, understand his emotional state and mood. A child in 11 months can allocate a favorite dish, toy or occupation.

An important condition for the socialization of a small man is communication with peers. The 11-month-old baby responds positively to other children, tries to play with them, learns the simplest skills and productive interaction.

Speech by

The speech of a toddler at the age of 11 months is not yet developed, but its "rudiments" already appear. The child can say the first simple words: Mom, Dad, give. The baby loves imitating animals, copying the intonation of an adult.

For the development of crumbs it is important to continue to develop fine motor skills of fingers with the help of finger games, which stimulate the development of the speech center of the brain.

Skills and Skills

height of the child in 11 months So what should a child be able to do in 11 months? He at this age understands the intonation of an adult well, expresses his mood with the help of numerous diverse sounds. Speech therapists say that up to a year a child may not utter individual words, but many children have already mastered some simple words.

The kid, at the request of an adult, is looking for familiar objects with his eyes, hands in his hands and takes the toys himself, happily "runs" to his mother or father. He tries to cope independently with a spoon, drinks from a cup, knows how to gnaw firm fruit and crackers.

The child's physical abilities are "on top": he creeps perfectly, sits down from any position, gets up, crosses the pedestal, some begin the first steps.

I can do everything, I can do everything!

Infant for 11 months This is not all that a child should be able to do in 11 months. Rather, it does not owe anything to anyone: every kid develops on an individual, genetic program level, which is easily adjusted by parents and pediatricians. It is important for moms and dads to remember that a child is a person with his or her needs and opportunities, therefore it is unacceptable to compare your baby with another. Love, multiplied by patience and work, is the guarantee of a happy childhood and a healthy baby!