Tomato "pink honey" - sweet variety

Description of variety

Tomato "pink honey" is included in the list of vegetables from the collection of "Siberian Garden".These fleshy, rosy-boned, with moire tones, tomatoes are considered to be the most successful for preparing salads. Tomato Pink honey Its not quite common for vegetable culture the name tomato "pink honey" was received because of the honey-sweet taste. This variety, according to experts, is resistant to diseases, temperature changes, frosts. Its location for cracking as a result of frosts is within the permissible norm. Plant bushes reach a height of two meters, have regular leaves on the stem. Tomatoes with a truncated cordate shape on the very first hands can reach half a kilogram. Acidity does not increase this variety, so it is recommended for those who have stomach problems. Tomato "pink honey" has a high yield - up to six kilograms per season from each bush. Its distinctive feature is a green spot that appears from direct sunlight.

Cultivation and care of

To ensure that the yiel

d of tomatoes is good, this melon plant should be periodically fed and watered, while removing weeds and loosening the beds. The tomato "pink honey" fructifies in the middle belt in mid-August, although in the southern regions it already has fruits at that time. On each cluster there are two or more tomatoes. Tomato Pink flamingo In general, this variety, just like the tomato "pink flamingo", is properly grown in two stems with an indispensable tie. Seeds, the germinating capacity of which reaches ninety percent, is planted in the compacted soil in early March, which is then mulched with peat. Water them with a strainer. Pink honey Water should be as warm as possible. The optimal temperature for seed germination is 25 degrees. In the open ground, the strengthened seedlings are transferred in early May, when there are no more frosts. When planting on each square meter of land is placed a maximum of three plants. The land in which eggplants, zucchini and other nightshade grew until tomato is not recommended, but it feels great after radish, beans, carrots and winter wheat.

In a greenhouse

This variety, like its counterparts of other species, including tomato "pink king", can be grown not only in open ground, but also in a greenhouse. Tomato Pink King The time when it's best to plant seedlings for greenhouses is considered to be the beginning of May. However, since in these numbers at night it is still cold, it is necessary to tighten the greenhouses with a thick layer of polyethylene, leaving a small, three-centimeter air cushion. This ensures not only high temperature, but also increases the life of the inner film, while the outer one changes at most once a month. Tomatoes Pink honey In the greenhouse, it is mandatory to have ventilations on the top and sides necessary for ventilation, especially during the flowering period. You can not plant the tomato "pink honey" in one greenhouse several years in a row. It is more correct to alternate it with cucumbers. In this case, you need to be very careful that some diseases, especially root rot, are not transferred from each other to these vegetables. For this purpose, before planting properly remove the top layers of the soil, and the remainder of the disinfected copper sulfate at a rate of one tablespoon per ten liters of warm water.

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