Tomato "black moor" is suitable for marinade

Description of variety

Tomato "black moor" is a representative of a high-yield medium-semideterminant variety. Its thick-walled fruits have increased taste qualities. They have a plum-shaped form with a smooth surface, a dark brown color with a green patch near the peduncle itself. Tomato Black Moor The tomato "black moor" can be up to 1.2 meters in height. His first brush with tomatoes is laid under the tenth leaf. In total there are up to eighteen tomatoes in a brush weighing up to fifty grams each. The taste of the fruit is sweet, their pedicels with articulation. This tomato is cultivated both in the open ground, and under a film covering. It requires a mandatory garter and the formation of a bush. Tomatoes "black moor" are suitable for both salads and whole canning. With proper care, you can collect up to twelve kilograms of fruit from each sown square meter.

Tomatoes Black Moor Cultivation of

Tomato "black moor", reviews of vegetable growers that are mostly positive, is considered, like the rest of tomatoes, a warm

and light-loving culture. It is grown with the help of seedlings. The best depth for seeding is two centimeters. Shoots at an optimum temperature of up to 25 degrees of heat appear after only five days. Seedlings to the transplant can be ready already on the fiftieth day. The tomato "black moor" is grown on light, fertile neutral soils. Proper care for this vegetable culture primarily involves watering as needed, weeding, loosening and feeding. You should water this plant immediately before flowering, after the formation of the ovaries and at the initial stage of fruit ripening. Weeding should rid the earth around the bush from weeds, especially those that can twist the bushes. Tomato Black Moor reviews Tomato "black moor" prefers supplementation with mineral complex fertilizer with a high content of potassium, nitrogen and sodium. Garter and formation are also mandatory components of proper growing, and the time spent vibrating blossom brushes will only increase the number of juicy and tasty fruits. Watering the plant should be done after sunset.


Seeds for seedlings are planted at the very end of March, and in some cold regions - in mid-April. They need to be planted on an easily compacted soil in the grooves made beforehand. Then it is required to mulch the soil layer or peat. Watering the seeds through a strainer with warm water, the soil should be covered with a plastic wrap and place the box with seedlings in a warm place. Shoots will appear a maximum of a week, after which they should be placed in the light, first removing the film. The pickling of the seedlings, as in the other tomatoes, is carried out after the appearance of at least two final leaves. A week before transplanting into the open ground, seedlings need to be hardened. The seedlings are laid in the ground at a rate of three, a maximum of four per square meter, having previously created beds for them. They are taken to an open garden at the age of two months, when there is no threat of freezing. In a heated greenhouse, the tomato "black moor" is planted in mid-April.

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