The best dishes from the asparagus beans: recipes

Probably everyone knows how the green beans look. From other legumes it is distinguished by the fact that the pods of plants, and not just the seeds, are used. And with asparagus this bean has so many differences( both in botanical classification and taste) that it becomes unclear why it was so called. But anyway, and this product is useful, you might say, dietary. The protein, contained in the asparagus beans, will give a feeling of satiety for many hours and at the same time help to lose excess weight. These pods are also rich in vitamins: A, C, B1, B2 and B9.From the useful minerals in the asparagus beans contain iron, manganese and phosphorus, which prevents strokes of potassium, cellulose and magnesium. Anyone who regularly uses this product, does not suffer from constipation, has a healthy skin without acne, he is not afraid of Alzheimer's disease. Here are the best recipes of dishes with asparagus beans. It can be boiled, stewed, baked and fried. It is suitable for salads, soups, side dishes and s

elf-sufficient dishes. Dishes from the asparagus beans

Preliminary actions of

What kind of asparagus beans to choose in the market? It does not matter what color pods are - light yellow, all shades of green, purple - the main thing is that they are fresh. The most delicious dishes from the asparagus beans come out when they use the harvest that has come to you from the garden for three days. Freshly picked pods differ in density, rough surface, absence of dark spots. It is best to use young beans - it is easy to prepare and has a more delicate taste. These are small, thin pods of dark green color. Ripe beans need to be pretreated. With a knife, it is necessary to cut off the edges of the pods, preferably poddev and pulling the vein behind them. If this is not done, the dish will feel "thread".Especially large pods can be cut. Cook young asparagus beans no longer than six minutes, and the old - ten. Before cooking, the pods must be thoroughly rinsed. Dishes from the asparagus beans recipes

Summer salad

Preparation of dishes from asparagus beans is not associated with any large expenditure of energy. Most often, the pods are boiled in salted water until ready and thrown back to the colander. Thus, we have two semi-finished products: vegetable broth - an excellent basis for the soup - and the very same beans. When the pods cool down, we will prepare from them a delicious summer salad with pears. For 400 grams of beans, you need to take two large fruits, preferably not very juicy varieties. Pears cut into thin slices, and pods - on brusochki length of 2-3 centimeters. The bottom of the dish is covered with lettuce leaves. You can put them whole or tear your hands to pieces. Lettuce and pod beans are placed on lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Now it's about refueling. We put sesame seeds and Brazil nut on the heated frying pan. Slightly fry without adding oil. Nut chop. In the jar we pour in a few spoons of vegetable oil. We add pepper, salt, sesame, crushed walnut. We screw the lid on the jar and shake it. Fill this dressing salad, put in the refrigerator for half an hour. Dishes with asparagus beans

Dishes of asparagus beans for garnish

These delicate pods perfectly blend with meat or fish. Garnish from asparagus beans is lighter than from cereals or potatoes. We'll put out the pods. Therefore we store a deep frying pan. We will clean a large onion, finely chop, fry in vegetable oil until red. I rubbed my beans, if necessary cut off the tips and crush it into smaller pieces. Add the pods( raw) to the onions. Fill with cold water so that it covers the contents of the frying pan. Solim and pepper the dish according to our taste. Cover it lightly with a lid and simmer on medium heat for half an hour, sometimes stirring. When the water evaporates by half, and the bean becomes soft, reduce the fire to a minimum and extinguish under a half-closed lid for another twenty minutes. We beat in the bowl two eggs, fill them with beans, stirring constantly. We extinguish another five minutes. Dishes of asparagus beans for garnish should be served hot, so make sure that the meat or fish were already ready by that time.

Extraordinary scrambled eggs

If we have a little( literally 100 grams) of boiled green beans left in the evening, you can make an original fried egg in the morning. Separate the protein from the yolk. Finely cut the greens of dill and parsley. Grind the greens with yolk, and whisk the whiskey in a mixer. We connect both masses, salt. Pods are first dipped in egg sauce, and then we pour in flour. Fry in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil. Dishes of asparagus beans with the addition of raw eggs should be well mixed, so that the rapidly folding protein is distributed evenly over all the pods. Preparation of dishes from asparagus beans

Cooking with the main dish

Cook first garnish, and then fry meat or fish - quite a troublesome occupation. But you can cook a variety of dishes with asparagus beans along with the "nail program."Here's an interesting chicken recipe. First we prepare a bird. Fry pieces of meat in vegetable oil until golden brown, put them into a saucepan. Put the sliced ​​vegetables on the frying pan. First, onions and carrots, then sweet peppers, followed by tomatoes. We shift the vegetables to the chicken. Pour a little water into the pan and set it to stew. After half an hour we add boiled separately asparagus beans. If the pods are very young, you can throw them raw. We put all together for about twenty minutes. After that, squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic into the pan, add a few peas of pepper. Turn off the fire, let us brew for about a quarter of an hour. Recipes of dishes with asparagus beans

Baked dishes from asparagus beans

Recipes for the oven allow us to cook a delicious lunch for half an hour. Here's one of them. To prepare this delicious dish, you need to buy a kilogram of young( green and thin) string beans. Lubricate with vegetable oil the bottom and walls of the baking tray. We spread raw pods. Top with sprinkles of one large bulb. Eight cloves of garlic cut into halves. We spread them over the bow. The contents of the pan are poured with two tablespoons of olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at two hundred degrees for about half an hour. Every ten minutes, stir. The prepared dish is sprinkled with two spoons of balsamic vinegar. This kind of asparagus beans is not only hot. When it cools down, cover the dish with food film and put it in the refrigerator for a day. Will be an excellent winter salad!

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