Carrot cake - bright baked goods

Carrots in baking are a very interesting and unordinary ingredient. It can give a piquant taste to the test, and the taste of the brightest vegetable can not be felt at all. Pie with carrots came, according to different versions, from Switzerland or America. Finally, it is difficult to find out, but it is true that in every country, and in every confectionery, they have now invented their own recipe. Many do not know that vegetables can be used in sweet pastries, because in our country they traditionally baked only cookies from carrots to fasting. It is worth refuting this error.

carrot pie

World confectionery classics

Despite the fact that carrot pie is incredibly popular, many do not dare to try its oven because of the seeming exotic nature of the recipe. Or because they do not know how the carrots behave in baking. This cake has been tested many times, and all the reviews converge in one: the taste of the vegetable in the finished product is not felt, and the dough becomes unusually sweet and

soft. Traditionally, such pastries are combined with cream cheese - it is served as a sauce or skimmed with cream on its basis. In America, a carrot pie is called not a cake, but a cake or muffin. For this, there are reasons: the use of a disintegrant in the test and kneading by joining the liquid and dry constituents. cookies from carrots Coarse texture is rough - carrots and nuts contribute to this, but this is a recipe feature, so often use whole-grain flour instead of the usual one. In addition, the carrot cake has a number of features. Nuts for it should be prepared by frying them, and then in a hot kind mix with salt and butter, and only after that cut. Carrots for pie tinder on a fine grater, and in the presence of a blender or a combine - crush it. For a recipe, eggs are usually indicated in the number of four - they can be replaced with yolks, only take them twice as much is needed - this will give the cake tenderness and friability. Sugar for dough is recommended to take brown or cane, but you can take ordinary sugar, and add flavor for honey( molasses).Carrot dough is flavored with cinnamon - this is an obligatory ingredient( you can take extra cardamom, sweet pepper, nutmeg and cloves).Cream in the absence of cream cheese can be replaced with sour cream and sugar.

pie with carrots

Pie carrot. We start baking

The recipe is designed for two cakes, which will be prepared in standard-size forms. After baking, each of them must be cut in half. Mix flour( 300 grams) with baking powder, spices and lemon zest. Then separately connect the wet ingredients: eggs, grated carrots( 4-6 medium carrots), a glass of vegetable oil and half a glass of orange juice. Dry and liquid parts to mix, enter in the dough nuts and bake in a preheated oven. Cool the cakes with cream. It can be prepared by mixing cream cheese( "Mascarpone", "Philadelphia") with an equal amount of powdered sugar and half a standard pack of butter. Also, do not interfere with the additional flavoring with a spoon of liquor. For impregnation, leave the carrot pie in the fridge for the night.

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