How to prepare sea bass in foil

Baking is one of the most common processes in cooking. It is used for cooking poultry, vegetables and meat. However, it is most often used for fish, since it is in this case that the stunning taste of this product is revealed. For example, sea bass baked in foil, it will be as delicious as if it was cooked on a fire in coals. Therefore, this dish is so popular in restaurants and is in great demand among housewives. It should be noted that baking contributes to the preservation of nutrients and vitamins in foods, and can also serve as a method of cooking dietary and low-calorie food. Although such a dish as a grouper baked in the oven can hardly be called dietary because of the large amount of spices and the use of mayonnaise. sea ​​bass in foil


To prepare three servings you will need:

- sea bass - 3 pieces;

- mayonnaise - 200 g;

- seasoning for fish - 1 pack;

- lemon - 1p.;

- salt, pepper.

Preparing fish

First of all, you need to clean the fish and gut it. If it w

as purchased in frozen form, it is necessary to give it a thaw, and then rinse it thoroughly. Then mix the salt and pepper, which then rub the carcass from the inside and outside. After that, they sprinkle with the seasoning for fish, which is selected to taste, and left for 15 minutes, so that the sea bass( in foil it will be cooked) could soak well. sea ​​bass baked in the oven


The marinade is suitable for ordinary mayonnaise. However, it is best to mix it with lemon juice. In doing so, you should constantly try it, so it does not turn out too sour.200 g of mayonnaise is usually enough juice from one small lemon. With the resulting mixture, we rub the fish in such a way that there is a decent layer on top. So the grouper in the foil will get a delicious crust and will be ruddy.


After the marinade is applied, the fish stand for another 15 minutes, after which it is wrapped in foil. In this case, it is not necessary to twist it too much, but you can not leave holes. To make the sea bass in the foil well, some chefs make the first layer more free, and the second one is denser. So the fish will be well wrapped, but not tightly squeezed. After that, the perch is put in a well-heated oven at a temperature of 180 degrees. There it should be about 30 minutes. When the cook is not sure about the readiness of the fish, he simply turns off the oven, allowing the dish to come at the expense of the heat already collected. sea ​​bass baked in foil

Table feeding and storage

A similar dish should be served without foil and, if possible, portion by piece. There is a different opinion about the use. Some believe that perch in the foil should be served immediately after cooking. Others argue that this dish only in a cold form gets real taste. However, both these opinions are erroneous, because such a fish is eaten in a warm way according to the rules, and with prolonged storage in the refrigerator( 2-3 days) it is slightly warmed up. White wine and sweet sauce are good for this dish. However, do not be zealous with seasonings, as they can ruin the real taste of this fish.

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