The device and operating principle of the air conditioner

Split system is a useful device that allows you to significantly improve the level of comfort in a residential area. To understand the principle of its structure, it is worth remembering your feelings on the beach after swimming in the river. Evaporation, the liquid takes away some heat. This is the basis for the operation of the device.

Design and operation of wall conditioners

A split system of any model consists of two units - street and room. The principle of operation of the air conditioner is based on circulation with evaporation and condensation of refrigerant, in the quality of which freon is used. In the outdoor unit there are two main elements - a condenser and a compressor. In addition, there are also powerful fans. principle of the air conditioner Inside - thermostatic valve, evaporator and also the ventilation system. The principle of the air conditioner is the evaporation of Freon with the absorption of heat. There is it as follows. The refrigerant entering the compressor of the external unit comes in a g

aseous state and at a pressure of about five atmospheres. Its temperature can be about 10-20 degrees Celsius. The compressor compresses it to 20-25 atmospheres, as a result of which it is heated to 80-90 degrees Celsius. In this state Freon enters the condenser. The further principle of the air conditioner is very simple. The condenser is actively blown by the fans. As a result, the refrigerant enters the liquid state with simultaneous release of heat. After that, freon enters the thermostatic valve of the indoor unit. It is usually a conventional thin spiral tube. outdoor air conditioning principle of operation Passing through it, freon cools, and the pressure decreases, so it again partially goes into a gaseous state. Then the mixture enters the evaporator. It consists of liquid and gaseous refrigerants. By blowing here they completely evaporate, respectively, absorbing heat and cooling the surrounding air. This is the basis for the operation of the air conditioner.

Operation and installation of the

floor standing device Currently, not only wall air conditioners are being produced, but also more mobile floor models. Such devices do not require special skills and skills during installation, they can be moved both within the same apartment, and taken with them, say, to the country house. Many today use such a convenient device as a floor air conditioner. operating principle of the air conditioner The principle of operation of this device differs little from the principle of the wall-mounted air conditioner. In this case, air cooling in the apartment is also due to the evaporation of the refrigerant. Differences can only be found in its device. The fact that the floor air conditioner most often has only one unit - internal. Therefore, the condenser, compressor and evaporator are located in one place. Chilled air is blown into the room by a special fan. Warm from the condenser is led through the corrugated pipe to the outside( usually through the window).


As you can see, the principle of the air conditioner is quite simple. Some models can not only cool, but also heat the room in which they are installed. In this case, the device is a super economical heater.

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