Delicious pie with cabbage

It may seem that a pie with cabbage for lazy housewives was invented. What in it can be special? However, do not rush to draw conclusions.

Pie with cabbage. The first recipe

a pie with cabbage To prepare this masterpiece, we need very little. First, half a kilo( or slightly more) of cabbage, which will go to the filling. Then you need to stock up on greens - a bunch of fresh green onions and dill. For the test, you need four chicken eggs, flour, sugar, 250 ml of milk and 50 ml of oil( vegetable).And yeast, of course.

Preparation of

So, proceed directly to the preparation of the pie. In warm milk, dilute the yeast, add a little sugar and let the resulting gum stick. Then carefully sift the flour. Pour into it the spoon and knead thick dough. Put it in a warm place( you can wrap it with a towel).Cut the cabbage. Strongly do not need to fade, because then you just can not feel its taste. Then fry it until cooked in a preheated frying pan. Do not forget to add sunflower oil. Periodically mix the

contents of the frying pan. Sprinkle the next filling with salt, you can also have black pepper, but do not overdo it. A pie with cabbage should not turn out to be sharp. Two eggs cut into cubes and mix with cabbage, and the other two break into the remaining milk. Add chopped greens. The thing remains small: now you just need to roll out the dough and put it in a deep baking tray. Next is our delicious filling. From above everything is again covered by a test. Bake a masterpiece in the oven for thirty minutes. A pie with cabbage will certainly please you with its appearance, aromatic smell, and original taste!

Pie with sauerkraut. The second recipe

pie with sauerkraut The peculiarity of this recipe is that the dough for the cake is made not simple, but tomato. This original dough is also great for special brioche to soup or an excellent Italian pizza. So, you need 2 full glasses of kefir, a spoonful of salt, two teaspoons of sugar, three tablespoons of your favorite tomato paste, a little yeast, one egg, a third of a glass of quality sunflower oil, five glasses of first-class flour. For the filling it is necessary to have about 500 grams of sauerkraut, 300 grams of minced pork, three raw potatoes, black pepper( ground), some more sunflower oil for roasting and a chicken egg( to grease our pie with cabbage).

Preparation of

pie with cabbage for lazy people In warm kefir, pour dry yeast, sugar, salt and add tomato paste. Stir the resulting mixture. After that, pour in the sunflower oil and beat one raw egg. Gradually adding flour, you will get a free dough. He must be left alone for two hours and allowed to rise. Sour cabbage should be clean and relatively dry. It is better to wash it and immediately wring it out. We put it in a hot, oiled frying pan. It is not necessary to salt. When cabbage is well fried, mix it with grated potatoes and minced meat. Now you can add salt and pepper. On the lower layer of the pie, which must be rolled out of the tomato dough, we spread the filling. We cover everything with the second layer, we make holes in it. Bake until cooked. Bon Appetit!

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