How to cook pie "Fish Paradise" from canned pink salmon

Cake "Fish Paradise" can not only be used as a delicious snack, but also served as a nourishing second course. It is worth noting that for its preparation you need only inexpensive and simple products that can be purchased in any modern store.

Fish pie on yogurt: the necessary ingredients for the test

  • fish pie kefir - half a faceted glass;
  • sour cream - 200 grams;
  • mayonnaise - three large spoons;
  • chicken eggs - three pieces;
  • soda - half a dessert spoon;
  • vinegar to quench baking soda;
  • wheat flour - eight large spoons.

"Fish Paradise" cake: mixing process of the

test To prepare the fish cake base, mix sour cream, kefir, mayonnaise and three chicken eggs in one bowl. All ingredients should be thoroughly beaten with a blender, and then add to them wheat flour and soda, slaked with vinegar. It should be noted that such a dough should turn out to be liquid and viscous. Once the base for the fish pie is ready, you can safely proceed to the processing of the filling.

Fish cake from canned food: necessary ingredients for filling

  • canned salmon with broth - one jar;Onion bulb - four heads;
  • potatoes - five small pieces;
  • carrots - two medium pieces;
  • sunflower oil for roasting vegetables;
  • pepper and salt to add to the potatoes.

Pie "Fish Paradise": the way of filling

fish pie from canned food To ensure that this dish is well roasted in the oven, it is very important to carefully treat the vegetables. To do this, you need to peel the four onions and two carrots from the peel, then chop them or grate them on a fine grater. After that, both products should be mixed in a frying pan, adding salt, pepper and five tablespoons of sunflower oil. To fry vegetables is recommended until they are covered with golden appetizing crust. Then you can start processing potatoes. Tubers need to be washed well, peeled and cut into the finest half rings. It is worth noting that if you cut more potatoes, then it simply will not be baked in a liquid batter. After frying and slicing vegetables, you should begin processing the canned pink salmon. Together with the existing broth, it should be placed in a deep bowl and mashed with a fork so that a uniform fish mixture is obtained.

Pie "Fish Paradise": forming a dish

fish pie on kefir In order to prepare such a pie, you need dishes with boards in six to seven centimeters. After that, the batter must be divided into two parts, one of which must be slightly larger. It should be filled with the entire surface of the form prepared and smeared with sunflower oil. Then the layer of dough is required evenly, separating from each other, lay out all the chopped potatoes and lightly salt it from above. Next, you also need to put a layer of rescued onions and carrots. As the final stage, it is required to fill the fish filling with the remainder of a liquid dough mixed with kefir and sour cream. A dish is cooked in the oven for thirty minutes.

Correct feed to table

It is recommended to serve fish cake to the table in hot condition on separate flat plates.

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