How many kittens are bred by kittens is not an idle question

There is a saying among the people: "Only cats will be born quickly."It must be said that this winged phrase does not accurately reflect reality. On the question of how much the cat bore kittens, it is difficult to accurately answer.

how long does the cat bore kittens Terms of bearing kittens

Most veterinarians tend to the fact that the pregnancy of cats lasts from 58 to 72 days. And it depends on the breed of pussy, and on the number of future kittens. For example, long-haired cats go with a pussy for a bit longer than their short-haired sisters. And one kitten will spend a little longer in the maternal tummy than five or six. So the question of how much a cat is carrying kittens is hard to answer exactly. And sometimes there are deviations both in the direction of prematurity and the transfer of fruits. Both these cases, if they run counter to the individual characteristics of the cat's body, can have a detrimental effect on the health of the mother or her offspring.

how many cats have kittens Signs of pregnancy in cats

Interesting fact: you can not say about a cat that it was fertilized immediately after its coverage. From the moment of coition with the male to the very moment of fertilization, it should pass from 24 to 50 hours. And sometimes pregnancy does not come at all. To notice that the cat is pregnant, it is possible in the third week for the swollen pink nipples. Also, careful owners will be struck by the fact that their pet becomes lazier, less mobile, eats more, excessively caresses, or, on the contrary, does not allow touching the abdomen. And some even, like women, have vomiting in the morning - toxicosis!

cat pregnancy Amazing feature of cats

There are cases when the owners come into dispute with all veterinarians of the world, claiming that they have the most amazing cat! Pregnancy it took place instead of 9 and a half weeks, only 5 or 6. And the proof is this: first there were 4 normal kitten. And then after 5 or 6 weeks - another 2. And blaming the owners for forgery is not worth it. After all, cases of the onset of estrus in cats during a pregnancy that is already taking place( for a period of 3 to 6 weeks) is quite possible. Fertilized cells can begin their parallel development. As a result, either the offspring are born all together - then the second litter is born prematurely, or it continues to develop after the first birth. Well, really, the question is, how much does the cat bore kittens, complicated, is not it?

Daddies are needed, dads are different. ..

It is on this amazing feature of the structure of the uterus that cats are based on their ability to have several partners - the fathers of kittens. Fertilizing, cells enter the bicornic uterus, attach to its walls, where the remaining "brothers" and "sisters" are waiting. Although the fact of "polyandry" is not an axiom. After all, some cats prefer only one partner, and some( especially thoroughbred) simply do not give a choice. But nevertheless, the answer to the question of how many cats are hatched by kittens should be sought from a veterinarian. Precisely, the doctor will be able to respond by making a cat an ultrasound. The study will also give an answer to the question of how much the cat bore kittens - in quantitative terms. Usually the figure ranges from 1 to 6 pieces, but there are rarely "record" births. For example, somehow 12 kittens were registered in one litter.

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