Pork in a pot - a simple and delicious homemade dish

Pork in a pot is a very tasty and versatile dish that bakes in the oven in just forty minutes. It should be noted that such meat can be cooked together with any vegetables or cereals.

Pork in a pot with buckwheat: the necessary ingredients for five servings

  • pork in a pot onion - two medium-sized heads;
  • bay leaf - five pieces;
  • black round pepper - ten peas;
  • carrots - three medium pieces;
  • lemon - one piece;
  • greens for decoration and taste;
  • salt for adding to pots;
  • buckwheat groats - three faceted glasses;
  • pork with fat layers - 700 grams.

Pork in a pot: preparation of ingredients

In order to make this dish juicy and tasty, it is recommended to take meat without bones, but with small interlayers of fat. It must be washed thoroughly and cut into pieces in the size of three by three centimeters. Then you can begin to process vegetables. Three carrots and two onions should be peeled and finely chopped or grated on a large grater. After this, you need to take thre

e glasses of buckwheat and it's good to sort out, removing all unnecessary rubbish and husks. It should be noted that the groats are very important to wash thoroughly and soak in cold water for about one to two hours. So buckwheat will absorb a part of moisture, and the time of its preparation in the oven will be greatly reduced. After all the products are prepared for further baking, you can proceed directly to the formation of the dish.

Pork in the pot: filling the mold with products

baked pork in a pot

The described recipe for the dish is designed for five people, so you need to prepare five clay pots. The first layer in these forms is to lay out the chopped pork meat. Then it should be slightly salted, add black pepper( two peas per pot), bay leaf and freshly squeezed lemon juice( one dessert spoon).After this, you can safely lay out grated carrots, onions and chopped greens. As the last layer in the pot, you need to add buckwheat. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to spread it to the brim of the mold, as in the baking process it will additionally absorb the broth and increase in size approximately two or even three times. It is also advisable to salt the added croup. Before you send the serving pots to the oven, they should be poured in half a glass of cold boiled water. In the event that you want to get a more mushy dish, then the amount of added liquid can be slightly increased.

pork in a pot with buckwheat Baked pork in a pot: the correct serving to the

table Bake such a dish in the oven for at least forty minutes. As a rule, his readiness is determined by the degree of softness of pork meat. To do this, get one of the forms from the oven and taste the dish. If necessary, you can add salt or other spices. It is worth noting that the portioned pork in the pot is served to the table in a hot form right in the forms for baking, which are set on flat plates or saucers. Also, with them it is desirable to offer fresh vegetables( cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.) to family members or guests.