How to fold a shirt with a minimum amount of folds?

Most likely, you have watched more than once in shops or markets behind the actions of sellers, when they deftly moved dozens of your revised shirts back into small packages with clever movements. At the same time things looked as if no one had ever gotten them out. Many landlords would like to learn the same way, but asking the same consultants about how to fold shirts is inconvenient, but they do not deceive themselves at home. Of course, if there is a possibility, it is better to hang all the shirts on hangers, in which case all the questions will disappear by themselves. How to fold a shirt

Why learn to fold shirts?

If you often have to travel on business trips, you have too little space in your closet to hang all things, then you will need knowledge about how to fold a shirt. The main task is to preserve its normal appearance, so that after unfolding it can be safely put on without stroking. If you are at home, then aligning a pair of folds is easy, but on business trips it turns into a serious probl

em. After all, in many hotels in the rooms there is no iron, and there is no time to look for a maid on the floor, which you can ask for.

Universal way of packing shirts

People have thought up not one way of how to fold a shirt so that it remains practically not crumpled. By the way, do not forget to iron it beforehand and wait for it to cool down, having hung it, for example, on a chair. So, for training and answering the question of how to fold shirts quickly, you will need a flat horizontal surface( a bed, sofa or even a floor is suitable) and a well-ironed shirt. How to fold shirts correctly Button all the buttons and turn your shirt upside down. For convenience, until the hand is full, it is better to use a tight magazine: put it on the shirt: its edge should rest against the collar of the product. Fold the shirt in the shoulder so that it covers half of the magazine, then wrap the sleeve down, making an accordion. He should walk exactly, along the tucked side. Do the same with the opposite part of the shirt. Bottom of the shirt lift up to the level of the collar and gently turn it over. If you left it neatly folded, then you can congratulate yourself: you have mastered one of the most popular ways of how to fold a shirt. Separately, it should be noted that this method leaves the minimum number of folds.

Stacking, as in

How to fold shirts quickly Despite the simplicity of the method, in shops, as a rule, shirts are packed somewhat differently. Of course, manufacturers have the main goal - it's nice to put them in small bags, the number of formed folds while they are worried much less. But many are still interested in knowing how to fold a shirt so that it easily enters its own package. The beginning of the package is the same: the ironed and buttoned shirt is laid downwards. Sleeves bend at shoulder level back so that a triangle forms at their base. In the elbow area, they bend, as a result, the cuffs should be under the collar. Then the edges of the shirt are wrapped, leaving a few centimeters on each side of the collar, slightly overlapping one side to the other. A few centimeters from the bottom of the shirt bend and only then fold it in half. Of course, this method is slightly more complicated and gives a little more bends, but many like to pack shirts exactly like that.