Satsivi from chicken or chicken in a batch

Chicken in a bag or Satsivi from a chicken

Much can be offered to us by Georgian cuisine. Satsivi, for example. Chicken in a beautiful nut sauce, with unusual seasonings - an indescribable holiday.

chicken satsivi

What is needed for satsivi in ​​a large saucepan

Two kilograms of chicken, half a kilogram of peeled walnuts, seven cloves of garlic, three teaspoons of sharp clean adzhika without tomatoes and starches, a teaspoon of ground coriander, a teaspoon of ground uzho-suneli( fenugreek blue) - for salein the markets where it is recommended to buy and nuts of the right color and taste. Satsivi from chicken requires careful attention to the ingredients. You will also need a teaspoon of frayed Imeretian saffron and salt.


Must be light, poured, without folds on the shell, are selected on the market in the same way as almost all seasonings.

Satsivi chicken

Before the main action it must be roasted, but so that the crust does not form, so the oven is offered. C

ut into large pieces, fry at a low temperature. Satsivi from a chicken is a dish in which poultry meat can absorb the juice of a nut sauce. With a crust - will not absorb.

While the chicken is frying

We are engaged in nuts. First, we make a nut blend with a blender, so that there is not a single lump, an absolute stain. Now we squeeze the nut oil. To do this, take three tablespoons( with a large slide) of the nut, all garlic and a teaspoon of Adzhika and once again scroll in the blender, to the same consistency. The resulting mass should be squeezed into a glass - just take a handful and squeeze it. Squeeze what you squeezed in the blender again. And squeeze again. The fact that the liquid was delayed on the parts of the blender is also carefully cast into the glass. Then you can return this cake with a clear conscience to the rest of the nuts. Now it is necessary to make a nutty mass with boiling water. Can be a broth, there is no fundamental difference. Satsivi from a chicken quite will manage and simply boiling water.

Georgian Satsivi cuisine

Boiling water or broth

Must boil with a key! It will need at least four glasses. First, we cultivate the walnut cake, pour half a cup of boiling water into it, stir it and observe how beautifully the walnut mass changes, turning pale to the color of coffee and milk. Now mix it with the rest of the nuts. And pour in another three and a half glasses of steep boiling water! Already, almost the density of kefir sauce has turned out, but that's not all, because we need a density of yogurt.


Saffron, coriander, blue fenugreek and two teaspoons adzhiki mix with boiling water to make a thick mixture. Pour it into the nut sauce and mix again.

chicken satsivi

Assembling satsivi

The color of the sauce from the seasonings has changed again - it has become yellowish. Please salt. Immerse the chicken in the sauce, add the salt to taste and stir. And let it infuse! Only an hour later the sauce will thicken, the chicken will become impregnated with it. In the refrigerator, you can put the pan only when it is completely cooled, so that the nut butter does not exfoliate from the sudden change in temperature.

Completion of the work

Have you forgotten the nut oil? Now it will be needed. When serving, water the satsivi with this oil! Keep the pan in the refrigerator for two days at least, if you have it, of course, it will. Most likely - there will be nothing to store, everyone will eat.