Aising: prescription. The best aysing recipes at home

Today it is very difficult to find someone who does not like sweet desserts, such as cakes. In the cooking of such recipes there is a great variety, they can be decorated with various patterns, inscriptions or aysing. Probably, not everyone knows what it is. We will try to understand this. So, in English it means "ice pattern".And this is not surprising, since the products from it look like ice( in color and consistency).Aising, the recipe of which we are sure to recognize today, gives the opportunity to create extraordinary ornaments not only for desserts, but for various dishes. Correctly made, it has a matte surface and great durability. So, let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

aysing recipe

What is "aysing"?

Aising is a plastic dense mass of sugar and protein to create confectionery ornaments that have a volume. Usually this mass is white, but with the help of food colors it can be given any shades. Aising, the recipe of which will be given below, is done by rubbing the powdered sugar with

fresh egg whites. In this mixture, lemon juice or acid, glucose syrup, glycerin and the like is added.

Working with aising

To work with flexible mass, pre-prepared templates are required, for example, drawings on paper or ready-made contours. On such a picture put food film or it is placed in a file. In this case, it is not recommended to use parchment or tracing paper, since the aysing is very strongly adhered to them and then is not separated. So, the film is smeared with a layer of olive( this is important!) Oil. Fresh protein mass is placed in a confectionery envelope or syringe. However, it should not be liquid, so as not to blur around the contours of the picture. The thick mixture, on the contrary, will not be squeezed out of the envelope. However, in this case it can be molded from it just like plasticine.

aysing recipe master class

All drawing elements must not be thick. If there is a desire to receive a colorful aysing, the recipe of which is very simple, food colors are added to the mass. It is also possible to apply the mixture to a finished cooled confectionery product, for example, cookies or gingerbread, chocolate glaze. Do not apply it to biscuits and other non-dry surfaces. They put only ready-made ornaments from the aysing before serving. So, a film with a patterned pattern is dried for about three days. Then decorate neatly.

aysing recipe for lace

Openwork ornaments from aising

In this case, a lot of protein and sugar, that is, an aysing, the recipe of which is attached, is imposed on small size balloons, they must be inflated and oiled beforehand. After the pattern has dried, the balloon is simply blown off and taken out of the product. Do this carefully, because the resulting products are very fragile. It is recommended to do them with a small margin. The broken part can be glued with egg whites mixed with sugar powder. Store such decorations at room temperature in a box. Consider in more detail the recipe for aysing at home.

Heart from Aising

Ingredients : twenty grams of egg white, one hundred and fifty grams of powdered sugar, fifteen drops of lemon juice, food coloring red, vegetable oil, file and heart pattern.

aysing recipe for cake

Preparation of aising

Protein is gently mixed, but not whipped. Add the powder gradually, without stopping to stir, put the lemon juice with the red food color dissolved in it. All is well mixed until the color becomes homogeneous. Mass is transferred to a confectionery envelope or a bag with a nozzle and left for a while, covering the hole with a wet cloth to prevent it from drying.

Preparing the

template After we've considered the aysing recipe for decorating cakes, you need to make a template. To do this, cut out a cardboard heart of the right size. With the help of plasticine give it shape and volume. For this, the clay is applied over the cardboard. Next, the template is put in a file and pressed tightly so that all the air is released. Under the cardboard file, they are assembled into a knot so that it lies smooth and flat on the clay. File lubricate with vegetable oil.

Pattern forming

Next on the contour draw a thick line, and then make any pattern at its discretion. It can be intertwined lines, squares, ovals and so on. Finished aysing left for one night - wither. Then begin to carefully remove it so that it does not break and do not crush. Having made two such hearts, they are glued together, for this, the same aysing is used, and the decorations are again dried.

an aysing recipe for decorating cakes

Lace from an aysing for fifteen minutes

Ingredients : one protein, two hundred grams of powdered sugar, half a spoonful of citric acid. Equipment: olive oil, scraper, silicone mat with patterns, sponge.

Preparation of

The aishing recipe for lace is no different from the one we discussed above. To do this, the egg white is mixed( but not whipped) with sugar and citric acid. Interfere until it does not get a thick mass.

Then the sponge dipped in oil and gently wet it with a silicone rug with embroidered patterns on it. The oil should be so much that this mat does not shine, but has a matte structure.

Preparation of lace

The egg mass is spread over the entire surface of the mat, removing excess. Then everything is put in a preheated oven and baked for three or five minutes, depending on the type of oven. After a while, carefully remove the finished lace and from it do already patterns at will. You can decorate the cake with them, by attaching them on the sides. And you can do all sorts of figures - it all depends on the imagination of the cook.

Apparently, this recipe for a cake for a cake is very fast. Lace is ready in fifteen minutes, so you can save time for cooking other festive dishes.

recipe for aysing at home

Beautiful figures from the aysing

Ingredients : one egg, two hundred grams of powdered sugar, one spoon of citric acid.

We make an aysing( recipe): master class

Protein whip until a light foam appears. Then add sugar powder in portions, grinding the mixture to a homogeneous mass, and then - and citric acid, continuing to interfere. A homogeneous, stable protein mass of a thick consistency should be obtained. If desired, add food coloring. Here and is ready an aysing! As it turned out, everything is quite simple. It must be transferred to a confectionery bag.

Making jewelry

Balls of the necessary size are inflated, using a brush lubricate with vegetable oil, olive is the best in this case. From above begin to put an ornament. When the patterns are applied, the ball is suspended so that it dries. So he should hang about a day.

After the passage of time, the ball is pierced with a needle and removed from the sugar shape. With such sweet balls that are cooked, you can decorate cakes or Christmas compositions.

Finally. ..

flexible aysing recipe

Thus, to make a flexible aysing, the recipe of which we already know, it is not difficult. With the help of the sugar mass, you can create not only laces and balls, but also make candlesticks, butterflies, snowflakes and so on. For this, only stencils are required, which can easily be found in children's prints. Work with stencils is easy enough, it is only necessary to apply ready-made aysing, and then dry it. Large parts can be glued together with the same aysing.

"Royal icing" is the most popular decoration of various confectionery products. With its help, these masterpieces are created. Patterns that seem to be woven from thin lace, look appetizing on cakes, gingerbread, cakes and cookies. The decoration of confectionery products by aysing is an interesting activity. This requires only a confectionery bag, blanks with drawings, cellophane bag, olive oil, egg mass, as well as the desire and imagination of the cook. Undoubtedly, every cook will be able to create his masterpiece, which everyone will like.

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