How to cook jam with apples? Cooking recipes

All of us, probably, remember the taste and smell of apple jam prepared by our grandmothers and mothers. Among other things, this dish has always been a good help for the hostess, often helping her out. In addition, it allows, from a pragmatic point of view, not only to eat a variety of foods, but also to significantly support the family budget. Let's remember together how to make jam from apples to get not only a delicious dessert and seasoning for food, but also a whole charge of vitamins for your body.

The first recipe for making jam from apples

We will not talk today about the benefits of apples and products made from them, and immediately begin with one of the recipes. It will take us three hours and a night to make the jam come true. The following ingredients will also be needed, based on a jar of jam: one and a half kilograms of apples and granulated sugar and a half lemon. And now we tell how to make jam from apples. Choose a slightly immature fruit. In this case, we will get unboiled porri

dge, and amber slices. how to cook jam with apples The skins of lemons must be fine. We will use it entirely, and the presence of a thick skin will add bitterness to our dish. Thoroughly wash apples in warm water, the use of a sponge is acceptable, we wipe the lemon well. We cut it, first, with rings, and then with quarters. So they do not lose a lot of juice, put it in a bowl. We clean apples from tails and seed pockets. We cut into slices, approximately one millimeter in thickness. We put the pot with them on a small fire and stack with the sand layers. Extinguish until the apples are not allowed to juice, and the sugar will not dissolve. In addition, stir constantly so that nothing burns. Once the sand has dissolved, add the fire and the mixture boil. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the apples have a light amber tint and transparency. After that, turn off, cover and leave to stand for the night. In the morning we again bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes. We let it cool down, poured over sterilized jars, rolled up and sent to storage in a cool place. That's the whole detailed recipe. Gem from apples is ready!

Recipe No.2: one of the simplest

Imagine, worked a little, cooked a delicious, fragrant dish and immediately opened the whole world of marmalade, candied fruits, jelly, soufflé, mousses, etc. Therefore, it is a sin not to use the fruit harvest and not to diversify your diet. Now tell another recipe for how to make jam from apples. Only two ingredients will be needed: fruit and sugar - one kilogram. For this method of preparation we take apples of medium hardness, wash, cleanse of seeds and peduncles, and the skin can be left untouched. Cut into cubes or slices and allow to stand for several minutes in water with several grams of lemon acid( in our case you need three grams).jam from apples for the winter In this case, the cubes will not darken. There are two other ways to choose: instead of acid, water can be slightly poured or simply cover our workpieces with a moistened cloth in a salt water. Then we prepare a standard syrup from one glass of water and sugar, cook until it becomes transparent, and pour into it slices of apples, remember to stir, bring to a boil and immediately turn off. After six or more hours again put on the stove, bring to a boil, turn off, and so at least three times. The last time we cook until ready. This dish should be very useful, not to mention its taste.

Recipe # 3: fastest

In the event that the hostess does not have much time to prepare this dish, you can apply another method. Now let's share with you how to cook jam from apples for the winter quickly. We need the same, one kilogram, fruit and sugar. Apples, previously prepared, cut into cubes, sprinkled with sugar and, for impregnation with syrup, leave for eight hours. Depending on the amount of juice formed, add water, no more than a glass, and put on fire. We bring, stirring, to a boil, cook for five minutes and remove from heat. Leave for 12 hours, then put the pelvis on the fire divider and cook until ready. We pour into cans, of course, sterile, roll up the same lids with an inner lacquered layer, turn the bottom up, wrap the blanket and leave it to cool. Then we send for storage.

Recipe # 4: prepare jam from solid apples or Chinese

The ingredients are the same as the last two recipes. We cut large and chop Chinese fruits and drop them for three minutes into boiling water. Quickly get by using noise and send it to a container of cold water. recipe for apple jam Cook the syrup, send blanched chilled apples to it and bring it to a boil, stirring. Cook for five minutes, remove from heat and insist 12 hours. Repeat three times, bringing the jam until ready. Now you know how to make jam from small apples. The ready dish is laid out on cans and rolled up with plastic, sterile and hot lids for hot sealing.

Recipe # 5: cooking jam in the multistake

Most often, the housewives cook jam in the basin, but if you have enough small portions, you can do it in a different way. Tell you how you can make jam from apples in a multivark. In this way it will be even easier. jam from apples in multivark Take, for example, a jam-five-minute recipe. Necessary ingredients: fruits of any kind and sugar sand, in equal quantities. Wash the apples and dry them. Cut in half, remove the seeds with a core and cut into thin slices. Put them in the bowl, set the "quenching" mode and time - one hour. As it will take 20 minutes, add the granulated sugar, stir and continue quenching. After completely dissolving the sugar - stir again. After triggering the signal, we pack jam over cooked jars and roll them as standard.

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