"Sea cocktail" - salad for the whole family

"Sea cocktail".Salad is a sea of ​​vitamins!

Sea Cocktail Salad For true admirers of seafood in our time there are many recipes for delicious dishes. For example, "Sea Cocktail" - an instant salad. People often cook this dish, especially in the spring, when for a long winter they already simply tired of meat and fish, pies, pizza, etc. The organism at this time of year usually asks for something lean, light, but at the same time very tasty. Most likely, when you go to the store, you often pay attention, "Sea Cocktail" - salad, which is sold at many food points. It's time to prepare this dish, which is considered quite simple and low-calorie( which is important in the prevalent sedentary lifestyle).

Some features of

"Sea cocktail" is an salad that contains a lot of vitamins and a minimum of ingredients. For its preparation, it is not necessary to buy a frozen mixture of mussels and scallops, you can buy exclusively fresh squid and shrimp to cook them yourself and not worry about the quality o

f the products. Children especially love the bright and tasty dish "Sea cocktail".Ways of cooking are simple and varied, which makes housewives more welcome and allows you to prepare this salad often, adding a little of your imagination.

How tasty to prepare a sea cocktail Ingredients

  • a mixture of seafood - one package( five hundred grams);
  • leaves of arugula or any other greenery - one bundle;
  • avocado( medium) - 1 piece;
  • celery( stalks) - two pieces;
  • green onions - twenty grams;
  • lemon or lime - one;
  • garlic - two cloves;
  • olive oil - three tablespoons( table);
  • sauce( soy) - two or three tablespoons( table);
  • black or white pepper( ground);
  • salt - to taste.

How tasty to prepare a sea cocktail

1. Thaw the mixture of seafood at room temperature, drain the water that has appeared. If you bought fresh products, then boil them.

2. Then put this assortment in a well-heated frying pan and fry seafood for four to five minutes. You can salt them to taste.

3. After you remove the products from the cooker, allow them to cool.

4. Avocado carefully peeled off the skin, remove the bones and cut them into beautiful cubes.

5. Cut the onion and celery into equal pieces.

6. Combine in a bowl a cooled "cocktail", avocado, onion and celery. All this carefully mix.

7. Move all the received mass into a beautiful salad bowl.

Sea cocktail methods of preparation 8. To make a delicious dressing, thoroughly rub and chop the garlic. With the help of a juicer, you need to get juice from lemon or lime( of your choice).Add the soy sauce and the resulting juice to the bowl of garlic.

9. Pour the dressed salad dressing and decorate it with rucola leaves.


"Sea Cocktail" is an salad that is ideal for both daily menus and as a chic celebratory snack. It really looks very bright on every table. Everyone eats it without exception! From a light salad, children who are difficult to feed can not refuse because they are prejudiced against food. This dish will definitely help you. Your child will gladly knead it for both cheeks, gaining vitamins and getting healthy food.

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