Cutlets in a double boiler are just as good

Chicken steaks from chicken with rice

cutlets in a double boiler

Prepare a saucepan with steam insert or steamer. We will prepare juicy steamed chicken cutlets with chicken and rice. In addition, they are moderately fragrant( it is not good to clog the taste and aroma of the chicken itself, it is always a fine fellow by itself), because we will put several laurel leaves down under the pallet. More of our bird spices and do not need. On the tray we made cabbage leaves: our cutlets at first will be thin, lying on holes they can not. At the same time, and cabbage will get impregnated with meat juice and aromas, steamed. Very pleasant, yes that there - a fine will be a side dish.

What we need more

Two chicken breasts without skin and boneless, onion, half a glass of water or milk, a glass of half-prepared rice, half a teaspoon of salt, pepper ground black - to taste, cabbage and bay leaves.

How to do this

Cook the chicken through a meat grinder with onions, add salt and pepper, cooked ri

ce, add half a cup of water or milk, mix. It should be quite sticky and viscous stuffing. In the water of steamers or pans do not forget to put laurel leaves, and on the tray under cutlets - cabbage leaves, slightly pouring them from the bottom. Wet your hands with water or vegetable oil and sculpt the cutlets, laying them on cabbage( by the way, you can take Peking).Close the steamer and turn on a large power for about half an hour, this depends on the size of the cutlet. In the double boiler, they slightly fuse. Serve with soft and plump cabbage leaves. However, any additional garnish will not be superfluous.

Veal cutlet steamed

chopped steak

There are almost no people in the world who do not like home-made fried chops. But the steam cutlets like only the chosen ones. And they often love them because of their illness. However, veal cutlets proposed here will be eaten by any, even the most not averse to the dislike of diet food.

What we need:

A half kilogram of veal - fillet or tenderloin, two hundred grams of white bread, half a liter of milk, three cloves of garlic, three onions, three or four pieces of sweet multi-colored pepper, two cups of broccoli, four eggs,two teaspoons of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper powder, half a cup of mayonnaise. Bread soak in a piece of milk, squeeze. Through the meat grinder, chase veal, onions, garlic, bread. Finely chop the peppers and broccoli. Mix the forcemeat, add salt, pepper, the remains of milk, mayonnaise, beaten eggs. Minced off: that is, lift the whole mass over a bowl and forcefully throw it from the height( yes, aim, forcemeat in a bowl should fall!).This is a mandatory procedure, in the evenings, practice basketball to master it( this is with a smile).Now, with wet or oily hands, form cutlets and put them in a steamer. Half an hour you are free, if you do not want to boil the young potatoes on a side dish and cut salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and greens. And then - to the table, the cutlets in the steamer are ready!

Beef cutlets in the steamer

Today we need

Grams of seven hundred beef meat - better brisket without bones, onion bulb, red onion, a few slices of garlic, sweet pepper - better red, a small young zucchini, a piece of white loaf - about a third,half a glass of milk, an egg, dried or fresh herbs, salt and black pepper ground. You can add seasonings that you like to meat.

cutlet steamed

How we will do

Meat and milk soaked in milk, as well as onions and garlic, let's go through the meat grinder twice, so that the stuffing turns out to be as gentle and homogeneous as possible. Add salt, as well as pepper, herbs finely chopped, if fresh, eggs are used. Let's beat the stuffing! Ten times. But now this amazing homogeneity is lost, or rather - will show enveloping properties. We mix in a homogeneous consistence finely chopped peppers, red onions and zucchini. Now we form round balls, flatten them and put them in a steamer, greasing a sieve with some vegetable oil. Close the lid and cook for at least half an hour. While the cutlets in the double boiler reach the condition, there is time to cook the mashed potatoes on the garnish or boil the rice.

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