Recipes for salads with mushrooms

Recipes of salads with mushrooms have always been well-deserved popularity. For example, a recipe for salad from mushrooms and potatoes appeared in the 18th century. Boiled potatoes are cleaned, cut into cubes. Fresh mushrooms are also cleaned, washed, cut into slices, boiled, tipped to a colander and cooled. Then mix with potatoes, sprinkle with salt, black pepper and season with vegetable oil. For this recipe you will need: Potatoes 100 grams, fresh mushrooms 200 grams, vegetable oil 65 ml. Modern housewives can take mayonnaise for dressing salad. It will take about 80 milliliters.

recipes for salads with mushrooms

Simple recipes

Recipes for salads with mushrooms can be so simple that cooking them takes just a few minutes, although this will not make them less tasty. For example, salted salmon in oil, are a real salad, although this dish uses a minimum of ingredients. Mushrooms squeezed from the brine, large parts cut into slices, poured with vegetable oil, sprinkled with herbs. If desired, sprinkle with ground pepp

er. Another very simple recipe that has come down to us from the depths of centuries is mushrooms with horseradish. To make this dish, dried mushrooms are soaked for 2-3 hours in cold water, boiled in the same water without salt, the broth is poured and used for soups. Boiled mushrooms washed, squeezed, finely chopped, salt added, grated horseradish, sour cream and mixed. In the old days, usually, horseradish was bred with vigorous kvass and watered the above-mentioned product. Recipes of salads with mushrooms are so diverse that even a real gourmet, who has special culinary preferences, can find a dish to their taste among their variety.

chicken salad with pickled mushrooms

The ancient secrets of the cooks

Recipes of salads with mushrooms provide for the use of various spices, sauces and dressings. For example, take one of the old recipes. Salted mushrooms are separated from the brine, finely chopped, chopped garlic and pepper are added, poured with oil or sour cream and mixed. Another recipe, reached us from the depths of centuries. Fresh mushrooms to cut, but not all - part of the whole, cook with water, season with onion, chopped dill, salt and pepper. Another cookbook gives a recipe for salted mushrooms with almond milk: "Salted mushrooms, crumbled in strips, and fried onion in butter, sprinkle with flour, dilute with almond milk( can be cooked without it with water), season with pepper and serve."

Chicken with pickled mushrooms

salad with mushrooms and tomatoes

You will need:

Prunes - 10 pieces, chicken fillet - 1 piece, champignons( fresh) - 100 g, fresh cucumber and onion - 1 piece, chicken egg - 2 pieces, a little vegetable oil and mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste.


Prunes should be poured with boiling water and let stand for about twenty minutes, then cut not very large. Chicken fillet to boil, add salt to taste and, of course, cool. Champignons along with onions should be finely chopped and fried in oil in about three minutes. Eggs also need to be hard-boiled, chilled, grated. In the middle of the dish, you should put a glass( or a serving ring) and start laying the salad in layers. The first layer - it will be prunes( slightly missed with mayonnaise), then chicken fillet( also greased with mayonnaise), then mushrooms with onions( and also just a little sauce) and the last layer - grated eggs( here it is already good to smear mayonnaise).Salad should be put for a couple of hours in the refrigerator( to soak the layers).Then from the dish you need to take out a glass( or a ring) and decorate with circles of fresh cucumber. This recipe will be enjoyed by all who prefer hearty dishes with chicken meat. You can make this salad with mushrooms and tomatoes.

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