What is folic acid used for in pregnancy planning?

Folic acid in planning pregnancy is the most important element that women need in this period. It got its name from the Latin "folium"( leaf) because its largest amount was found in the leaves of such plants as parsley and spinach. Under the influence of this element, nucleic acids are synthesized, which play a major role in the transmission of each hereditary trait. Folic acid in the planning of pregnancy, accumulating, subsequently participates in the necessary for the fetal cell division, in the creation and proper development of its nervous system. In addition, it plays an important role in the process of hematopoiesis, is responsible for the formation of the placenta, the violation of which can lead to miscarriage.

folic acid in pregnancy planning

Preparation for pregnancy: folic acid and its effect on the fetus

The lack of this vitamin leads to the risk of congenital defects: hypotrophy, hydrocephalus, neural tube defect, and in the third trimester - to mental disorders. The development of external patholog

ies( "wolf mouth" and "hare lip"), according to some sources, may also be due to the fact that there was no folacin in the planning of pregnancy.

folacin in pregnancy planning

What threatens the lack of vitamin B9?

Its deficiency adversely affects the condition of a woman. He is able to manifest fatigue, poor appetite and irritability. The lack of the necessary amount of vitamin in rare cases leads to megaloblastic anemia - a serious bone marrow disease that can have a sad outcome. Recent research suggests that the lack of this element can cause disturbances in the amino acid metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of a substance in the blood that damages the walls of the vessels. Accordingly, the risk of occurrence of a stroke and an atherosclerosis raises.

preparation for pregnancy folic acid

What is folic acid used for when planning pregnancy

The use of enough folacin will relieve the risk of pathologies, but the need for it arises almost from the first day after conception, and is especially high at 1-4 weeks of pregnancy, when many women about their situation do notknow. There is a lack of vitamin B9 in every second, especially with alcohol abuse and taking hormonal drugs. Synthesis of folic acid is carried out by microorganisms of the intestine, therefore, vitamin deficiencies may malfunction in the work of this organ. It is for these reasons, long before two dull strips appear on the test, your body needs to be prepared as much as possible for the forthcoming pregnancy. And first of all, the problem of having the necessary amount of vitamin B9 should be solved. A systematic consumption of sour-milk products, which contains bifidobacteria, will help to restore intestines. Folic acid in the planning of pregnancy is required not only for women, but for men. And do not be surprised, because its insufficient amount can significantly reduce the percentage of active, healthy sperm.

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