How to cook meat with prunes

This article presents several recipes for cooking meat. They are not very complex, but despite this, they have delicious taste qualities. So, how to cook meat with prunes? Meat with prunes To do this, you need to stock the following ingredients: pork( kilogram), prunes directly( enough to take 250 grams), mayonnaise( about 6 tablespoons), garlic( denticles six, maximum seven), mustard and pepper, depending on personal preferences.

Baked meat with prunes

To prepare a dish, it is necessary to rinse the meat thoroughly, allow to dry, then make several cuts. The distance between them should be about 1.5 centimeters. Prunes are also washed. It should be placed in cold water for fifteen minutes. Baked meat with prunes Next, we clean the garlic, crush it in the garlic. After 15 minutes, the prunes are dried and cut into halves. Then we prepare the sauce. To do this, mix spices, garlic, and also mustard. To make the meat with prunes tasty, it is necessary to smear it well on each side. Some of the dried fruits are laid out in the slits,

the rest is stacked on top. The resulting "construction" wrapped in foil and sent to the refrigerator for five or six hours. The last stage is directly cooking. Meat with prunes put on a baking tray and put in the oven for an hour. After the specified time, the meat with prunes is released from the foil and baked in the oven for another 20 minutes until a crispy and ruddy crust is obtained. That's how meat with prunes is cooked. There is another simple recipe for creating a culinary masterpiece.

Meat baked in foil

How to cook meat with prunes For its preparation it is necessary to take any meat fillets in the amount of 400 grams, 2 tomatoes, 100 grams of cheese, as well as your favorite spices and a couple cloves of garlic. First, cut the fillet into small pieces, it is better that their width is not more than one centimeter. Then we beat him, salt, rub garlic, sprinkle with his favorite spices and leave for about an hour for pickling. After this, we take the baking mold, lay the foil on it and place the meat. Now sprinkle everything with a layer of grated cheese. Next comes a layer of tomatoes. After again cheese. Foil we cover the dish, we send to bake in the oven for forty five or fifty minutes. We set the temperature at 180 ° C.

Meat "under the fur coat"

This recipe is no less original. For him, they need pork( three hundred grams), potatoes( half a kilogram), one onion, garlic( 1 tooth), 100 grams of hard cheese, several tomatoes. How to cook? First cut the cooked meat into thin pieces and fry in vegetable oil. Then cut the potatoes into thin circles. Then put a layer of potatoes, onions( cut into half rings), meat, tomatoes into a special bowl intended for baking( pre-greased with vegetable oil).Sprinkle with garlic. The final layer is potatoes. Now beat the eggs and fill them with a dish. Each layer should be slightly salted. We send the dishes to the oven for ½ hours. Before the end of cooking sprinkle with grated cheese.