How to cook vanilla sugar? What can replace vanilla sugar?

Vanilla sugar is used in the preparation of various sweets. It is convenient to use, durable, does not lose its taste qualities under the influence of high temperature and gives the bake a unique aroma. To save time, a modern hostess should always have a bag of vanilla sugar at hand. We will find out how it is cooked and what can replace vanilla sugar.

The most popular spice

Vanilla sugar is vanillin Vanilla sugar is a product that is a mixture of sugar and vanilla powder. Vanilla is considered one of the most popular spicy substances and belongs to the category of expensive spices. It turns out that vanilla is a sprawling long creeper. Of its fruits, and get a vanilla powder. But to get vanilla is not so simple: an exotic plant is very capricious in care. The greatest difficulty in growing a "fragrant" vine is the pollination of its flowers. To get vanilla, you need to go to Madagascar, to Mexico, Central America, China or Indonesia. It is there that this exotic plant grows.

Types of vanillin

Often mistresses try t

o replace vanilla sugar with vanilla. However, in the food industry, for the sake of economy, the spicy product is often replaced by a cheaper analog. It's called vanillin. By its aromatic properties, it practically does not differ from vanilla in any way. But the taste of baking, in which real vanilla sticks are added is much higher than that of rolls with vanillin. In addition to the food industry, vanilla is widely used in the manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics and many medicines. Vanillin is used in cooking. There are three types: powder, liquid, crystalline. The first kind - vanilla powder - is used to make vanilla sugar;it is also used in the production of chocolate. Liquid vanillin is widely used in the confectionery industry: it is added to sweets. The third type of spicy product is used in baking. vanilla sugar

Vanillin in cooking

For the preparation of bakery products, vanillin or sugar based on it is used more often. A packet of vanilla sugar usually contains 2 g of product. It should be remembered that in large volumes the spicy substance gives the dish bitterness. In 1 kg of dough, 4-9 grams of vanillin is usually added. In dairy products, to improve their taste, add 0.5-2 grams of vanilla sugar. To dishes and pastries, spices are added at the very end of their cooking so that the aroma does not volatilize too quickly. Vanilla powder is used not only to enhance flavor, but also to soften undesirable taste in dishes. Vanillin is perfectly soluble in hot water, ether, alcohol, and it gives soft drinks and incomparable aromas to drinks.

How to make vanilla sugar?

than to replace sugar with vanilla At home, you can easily make vanilla sugar. The recipe for his preparation is as follows. You need to take 2 vanilla pods and 1 kg of granulated sugar. It is better to buy long pods of vanilla, since they are considered the most valuable. Sugar must be poured into a deep container, and cut into small pieces of vanilla. The two ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and tightly closed with a lid. Capacity should be placed in a cool dark place( you can in the cabinet)."Insist" sugar should be at least 3 weeks, after which it can be used as needed.

Recipe for vanilla sugar: method No. 2

If there was not a vanilla sachet at home, and there is no time to cook it, you can use its substitutes. So, what to replace sugar with vanilla? For this purpose, usually used common vanillin. A pinch of vanillin can replace 2 small spoons of vanilla sugar. But in order not to always seek an answer to the question of what can replace vanilla sugar, it is better to prepare it yourself and in the future to use as needed. In the first recipe, sugar and vanilla should be insisted for 3-4 weeks. The following method does not require such time costs. than can replace vanilla sugar You need to buy a long pod of natural vanilla, a bag of powdered sugar and sugar( 1 kg).From the vanilla pod, you should get all the seeds and crush them thoroughly. After that, they need to add sugar powder and mix everything thoroughly. The resulting mixture must be poured into the sugar and put a vanilla pod. The container should be well closed and stored in a dark place for 4 days, after which you can enjoy fragrant vanilla sugar.

How can I replace vanilla sugar?

Baking with the addition of vanillin, always turns aromatic. But often there is no spicy substance at hand. How can I replace vanilla sugar? For this purpose, you can use vanilla essence: 12.5 grams replaces 20 grams of vanilla sugar. A unique aroma of baking can be given by adding a small spoonful of vanilla extract to dough 1.But more often the mistresses for preparation of dishes use usual vanillin. Some people add cinnamon or cardamom instead of vanilla sugar. But in this case the dish will not please the owners of the house with incomparable vanilla aroma. a bag of vanilla sugar

How useful is vanilla sugar?

Many say that vanilla sugar is vanillin. But it's not right. Vanilla is only the basis of sugar and because of this it has a lot of useful properties. First of all, the vanilla flavor acts soothingly on the human body. Spicy smell can help get rid of many diseases. Vanillin helps with insomnia, cramps, allergies, arthritis, fever, hysteria. Vanilla aroma tames anger, reduces feelings of anxiety, irritation, helps to relax. Vanilla stimulates the body and lifts the mood. It is also an antioxidant, antidepressant, helps to activate brain activity and normalize digestion processes. Few know that vanilla is an aphrodisiac. From all of the above, it can be seen that it not only gives an incomparable flavor to dishes, but also benefits the person. But that the taste qualities of the prepared food were at a high level, it is better to use natural vanilla and sugar based on it.

"Vanilla muffins"

vanilla sugar recipe You can prepare this tasty, flavored dessert in 20 minutes. For its preparation it is necessary to take:

  • 125 gr.butter;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 300 gr.flour;
  • 1.5 a small spoonful of baking powder;
  • a packet of vanilla sugar;
  • pinch of salt;
  • 75 ml of milk.

First you need to mix sugar and butter. It is necessary that the oil is at room temperature. Then add the eggs there and mix everything well. After the flour is mixed into the mixture, baking powder, vanilla sugar, salt and all this is mixed. Lastly, we pour in the milk. You should get a thick, sticky dough. We prepare the forms for baking and put paper baskets there. Fill each basket halfway with the test. Next, put any stuffing( chocolate, pieces of fruit or berries) and fill it with a dough. Bake "Vanilla muffins" at 175 ° C.When the baking is browned, it can be extracted from the oven."Vanilla muffins" are elastic, and the filling perfectly combines with the test. Baking is really fragrant and very tasty. And if "Vanilla muffins" put in a sealed container and leave them for the night, then the next day they will be even tastier. Vanilla dessert is great for a family holiday or a children's matinee.

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