Recipe for "Mimosa" - a salad for all occasions

It is said that the recipe for "Mimosa" is an invention of housewives of the Soviet era, when there was no special abundance on store shelves, and therefore it was necessary to refocus, coming up with various combinations of products. This is how a salad was born, which has survived for more than a decade, but has remained loved by many in view of its original taste, simplicity and minimal time to create. Preparation of a salad "Mimosa" - the process is so simple that even an amateur can cope with this task.

What products are needed?

mimosa recipe The recipe for "Mimosa" has a huge number of variations. Some prefer to cook it with carrots, and others do not use this root crop. Someone uses rice instead of boiled potatoes for salad cooking. By the way, "Mimosa" with rice has a more delicate taste and looks very presentable, especially if steamed croup is used for its cooking, which is incapable of turning into "mash" during cooking. But no matter what option you choose, the main ingredients of the sa

lad are canned fish, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and onions. Recipe "Mimosa" provides layered creation of a "masterpiece" - like a herring under a fur coat, when each layer is greased with mayonnaise.

Cooking "Mimosa" with tuna

Choose salad for canned fish with butter. Canned tuna or mackerel is best for its preparation. This fish in oil has a tender taste, it does not have large seeds, its aroma is pleasant. The recipe for "Mimosa" is simple, but the preparation of a salad requires strict adherence to certain rules. For example, it is very important to chop small onions in small pieces, so that the salad he gave a special spicy crunch, but was not bitter at the same time. Prepared for a couple of hours before the arrival of the guests, the salad "Mimosa" becomes especially tasty, and its homogeneous consistency and color cause appetite.

mimosa with rice

Stages of preparation

In order to make the salad tasty, boiled potatoes should be cooled, peeled and rubbed on a large grater. Fish canned food with a fork, boiled carrots cut into cubes, cook eggs, cool and separate the yolks. In the salad bowl alternately lay out the layers: potatoes, chopped egg white, fish, onions, carrots, grated yolk. Each layer is smeared with mayonnaise, and we finish the "construction" with a layer of yolk.

Approximate proportions

cooking mimosa salad In order to prepare a salad "Mimosa" for four people, you will need 4 medium sized potatoes and carrots, 4 eggs, 2 pcs.onions and a can of canned fish( 300 grams).Those who are not afraid of extra calories can use mayonnaise with high fat content. At the proposed proportions you will need at least 150 grams of mayonnaise, but if you want "Mimosa" with a more delicate taste, you can use 200 grams of refueling. Ready-made salad can be decorated with mint leaves or twigs of parsley, olives and olives, whole walnuts and flowers from vegetables. If you prepare a salad correctly, it can become the most important appetizer and decoration of a festive table.

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