Draniki from potatoes - a recipe is available to everyone

Potato pancakes are a recipe for the most recognizable dish, which originates in the Belarusian cuisine. At first glance, there is nothing difficult in the preparation of these tortillas. But how to cook potato pancakes correctly? First, you need to follow the formula exactly. The composition of this dish includes potatoes, salt, eggs and flour. Of course, creating such a culinary masterpiece, you need to know some tricks and have at least the basics of culinary skills. Let's take a look at the fascinating process of preparing such a dish, like potato pancakes. The recipe for this food is trying to diversify. Different housewives have different ways of cooking. Dried potatoes. Recipe: the basic options for

Someone rubs potatoes on a small grater, someone, on the contrary, likes it on a large one. In general, three types of this mass are distinguished, in cases: when potatoes are used, rubbed together with the juice, when the product is filtered and when cooked from a boiled vegetable. If you are

going to pamper this dish of your loved ones, you must first choose the right ingredient. The fact is that the Belarusian potato culture is characterized by an increased content of starch, thanks to which ready-made pancakes keep their shape better. When choosing potatoes, pay attention to the tubers with rough skin and yellow center. It is better to take them. But from the purchase of potatoes it is better to refuse the young, there is a very low content of starch, which will not allow you to form pancakes.

potato pancakes with meat Potatoes potatoes: recipe for cooking

Peeled raw potatoes on the grater. It is better to use fine after all. In shops now even a special grater for dranikov is on sale. Rub separately a whole bulb. The prepared weight squeeze from the juice, mix with wheat flour, one egg, onions, you can take and corn flour. To avoid an ugly gray shade one spoon of milk or kefir will help. Salt and pepper. Do not worry if the dough turns liquid, it should be similar in consistency. To fry such pancakes is necessary, spreading a spoonful of weight in a frying pan with red-hot sunflower oil. But I will reveal one secret - the most delicious pancakes are obtained if they are fried on melted butter. You need to fry the products from two sides. Be careful not to burn yourself with hot oil.

The dish is not for vegetarians

For those who can not live without meat, I'll tell you how to cook potato pancakes with meat. Peel potatoes and onion, grate on a fine grater. Twist in a meat grinder or chop the pork and beef into a blender. Mix the minced meat and potato-onion mass, add one egg, two tablespoons of wheat or corn flour, a spoonful of kefir, pepper and salt. Stir well the resulting mass and fry the fritters in a frying pan in vegetable oil until cooked. Serve them with sour cream and finely chopped parsley and dill.

how to cook potato pancakes Dranniki from potatoes: the recipe is clear

As you can see, it is not so difficult to prepare these products. Fantasize: you can bake pancakes with the addition of pumpkin, cheese, greens. Cook with love, and then each dish will be appreciated by your loved ones. Bon appetit and good mood!

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