Marinated ginger. Useful properties and combination with other products

Seasoning is not only a spicy piquancy, adding special notes to each dish. Most of them have a very positive effect on the human body. Many experts argue that if you eat Pickled ginger goodies certain seasonings every day, you can easily avoid serious and dangerous diseases. One such marvelous product is pickled ginger. Useful properties of this original spice can be listed for a very long time. After all, the root of ginger contains in its cells and fibers a storehouse of vitamins and acids. Japanese do not just include this spice in the list of their traditional ingredients for cooking. It may well be that it is thanks to her that they are famous for their longevity.

Pickled ginger. Calorie seasoning and diet with her participation

The root of ginger is extremely useful for those who want to lose those extra pounds. The fact is that this pickled spice has a very low calorie content.10 grams of the product will add to the diet only 15 kcal. But the essential oils contained in ginger, significantly increase t

he endurance of the whole organism as a whole, and From what do they eat marinated ginger? strengthen immunity. Therefore, you can lose weight safely, without fear for your health. If the diet provides for daily consumption of pickled ginger, then excess weight will start to leave quickly and completely without any discomfort. As an actual supplement, add cabbage. It will help you to lose weight as quickly as possible.

What to eat pickled ginger

Since this spice has a pronounced acute taste, it should be consumed with more fresh products. The Japanese demonstrate an excellent combination of ginger and rice. Sushi and rolls are perfectly complemented with marinated seasoning. However, not only rice can be eaten with ginger. Any other side dish will do. Many argue that the taste of meat and fish becomes much more original if you put a pickled ginger on a plate. Useful properties of this product in combination with unique taste qualities make this seasoning truly irreplaceable and Ginger pickled calories unique on our table.

How to pickle ginger root at home

If you do not want to regularly buy this seasoning in stores, then you can learn how to cook it yourself. To do this, you need a 300 gram( roughly) root of fresh ginger. It must first be cleaned from a thin skin of brown color. Try not to cut off too thick layers. Then you need to grind the root. Cut it as thinly as possible against the fiber growth. Ginger put in a saucepan and pour boiling water. Water should completely cover the spice. Marinated ginger, the beneficial properties of which will save you from the cold in the coldest winter, is prepared in general quite simply. By the way, components in different recipes can differ. So do not be afraid to do something in your own way. Add a little salt to the pan( 300 grams of ginger will need about 1 teaspoon).Mix everything neatly and cook for 3-4 minutes on medium heat. Sugar( one and a half tablespoons) dilute in a cup with hot water. Then add half a tablespoon of vinegar, as well as a little red wine to taste. Marinated ginger( useful properties of this spice allow you to use it in almost unlimited quantities) should have a tart and rich taste. Therefore, fill it for him to be strong enough. Ginger let it cool. Transfer it to a separate container and pour the marinade. The container should be tightly closed and left for about three days. Keep the pickled ginger in the refrigerator.

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