How to prepare a rib-steak?

Many people are suspicious of beef - they say, meat is tough as a sole. And if they already buy it, they soak for a long time in different sauces and marinades, before being sent to an oven or a frying pan they are beaten - and still often remain dissatisfied with the result of their efforts. We will not talk about other dishes;tell you just how to make a rib-steak. If the recipe has survived centuries and spread all over the world( often with new names), then it is worth to look closely at it and understand why, when eating a dish, no one complains about the rigidity of beef. From what steak riba is prepared

Only a certain piece of carcass is suitable for any type of steak. In total, only 10 percent of beef is suitable( and this is already without the skin, entrails and head).It's no wonder that this dish is expensive even in home performance, what can we say about restaurant offers. In the steaks are tenderloin, sternum, lumbar region, in front of the rear cut, diaphragm and scapula. Preparing a ri

ba steak requires even more picky choices. For him, only costal meat, located between the third and twelfth rib, is taken. At this point, connect three whole muscles, differing in fat and texture. Given that the muscular load in this department of the animal is minimal, the meat leaves very tender, almost airy. how to cook ribeye steak

Ribai varieties

The name rib-steak refers to a clean flesh cut from the right part of the carcass. However, variations on the subject are also possible. So, if a bone is not removed from a piece of beef, the rib-bee gets the name "cowboy-steak".If this bone is long and is a rib peeled to a shine - before you is a Tomahawk steak. The cooking techniques and choice of meat are the same in all three cases. In principle, only the pitch is different.

Degrees of roasting

When a steak riba is prepared, the recipe offers a choice of six stages of its roasting - to suit all tastes. So, you can use:

  1. Extra-rare: meat warms from 46 to 49 degrees. Inside, it remains virtually damp, although there is a beautiful crust on top.
  2. Rare: warms up to a maximum of 55 Celsius. Inside is ready, although a juicy red tint remains.
  3. Medium-rare: the maximum of heating is 60, the color becomes bright pink.
  4. Medium: the temperature rises to 65 degrees. This is already medium-season meat.
  5. Medium-well: almost completely finished( in the traditional sense) beef with transparent juice.
  6. Well done: the highest degree of roasting. The processing temperature can reach hundreds of Celsius, there is almost no juice.

How much frying is usually depends on the eater's preferences. However, rib-steak is cooked mostly in the medium, sometimes - medium-well. In many ways, the national tastes also affect: in Spain and France, usually choose a weak roast, in America - the maximum. However, it is necessary to take into account the fat content of meat. If the beef is not too lean, it is better to roast it more forcefully. steak ribay recipe

Secrets of the correct preparation of

In order not to spoil a lovingly selected rib-steak, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Do not fry cold beef. After removal from the refrigerator, it should warm naturally.
  2. Fire immediately to do great, so as not to lose the internal juices.
  3. Do not pierce the rib-steak at all. To avoid accidental damage, turn it over with a wooden or plastic spatula.
  4. If a griddle is used, salt and pepper should be at the end of cooking. On the grill, pepper( but not salt!) Can be added at the beginning.

steak ribay pictures

Base recipe

A classic steak house steak house is served two inches thick( 5 centimeters).If in doubt, you can cut thinner - but not less than two centimeters. Meat is not washed before cooking, but it is dried with napkins. On both sides of the slice barely smeared with lean oil. The frying pan is very hot, so that the surface of the beef is not steamed, but immediately grabbed. Within a minute, the rib-steak is cooked at the highest heat, then it decreases to an average, and within three to four minutes it is brought to the desired condition. Periodically it needs to be turned over. At the end of cooking, the meat is laid out on a cutting board and "rests" for five minutes. Only after this, the slice is pinched, salted and obliquely cut.

Ribey with Jack Daniel's Sauce

The basic tricks how to make a rib-steak, from the recipe to the recipe remain the same. Variety is brought with sauces and accompanying pleasant additions. For example, in this variation, before roasting a sprig of rosemary is put on the frying pan - a rather often used move to make the beef more flavorful. And for Jack Daniel's sauce, teriyaki( spoons six), soy sauce( spoon), half a glass of pineapple juice, plus five spoons of sugar cane are poured into the pot. The mixture is heated in shallow heat until the sugar dissolves, after which half a glass of water is poured in with olive oil and lemon juice( spoonful), and after five minutes - whiskey, also a spoon. All this is cooked with stirring until thick, about half an hour. Ribeye steak house

Spicy Ribai

Usually, when a steak ribba is being prepared, the recipe does not offer marinating meat - as already mentioned, in a suitable beef the beef is so soft. However, there are options when a pickle is still required - not for softening, but for acquiring a special taste. For example, it is done this way: the onion head and eight garlic lobules are cut and caramelized in butter for about a quarter of an hour. Then the vegetables are removed from the frying pan, instead of them a cup of strong coffee( naturally, cooked, not soluble) is poured in, as much soy and a quarter of the volume of Worcestershire sauce plus three spoons of white wine sauce. In addition, you need to pour a spoonful of chili flakes, half - oregano and sea salt - as much as you like. A glass of the resulting sauce is cast, the rest is plunged into steaks, the bowl is wrapped in film and is cleaned overnight in the refrigerator. The next day the steaks are roasted in a standard way, only with browning, they are smeared with casting sauce. The meat is extremely tender and very fragrant.

Entrecote de pari

In France, a rib-steak is called this way. Before cooking, cooking kings grease a slice of beef with butter and leave it to lie for a quarter of an hour. In the free time, two heads are cut and a pair of thyme stems;of them a golden roast is made in olive oil. It is poured into half a glass of port and ignited for twenty seconds. Then the resulting base is poured into a strong beef broth( half a cup);the sauce is evaporated until thick. The rib-steak itself is fried for four minutes on each side - it turns out the degree of readiness medium. Important: you only need to turn it once. Sauce is watered immediately and is eaten hot. steak cooking

Ribey steak with citruses

This is already a Spanish recipe. And he also offers pre-marinating. From the lime, two medium lemons and three small oranges, the juice is squeezed out, into which two normal sizes of the steak sink. They must lie in the marinade for a quarter of an hour. Then they are laid out on a hot pan with a very small amount of olive( but not extra, it does not tolerate high temperatures and has a too pronounced own smell) of oil and fried over steep fire for six minutes in total. Turn it over several times - because of marinade, beef can try to cling to the bottom.

Take the risk, prepare a steak "Ribai" for a big holiday( the photo will convince you how delicious it is).You will see - you will eagerly wait for the next celebration to once again pamper yourself with such a delicacy.

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