Shower head: which one to choose?

Shower head has already become a familiar and inconspicuous item in the bathroom. We use it every day, and the breakdown causes a lot of inconvenience. Today we will talk about what kind of nozzles are available for the shower and how to choose a quality and inexpensive model.

The first thing you want to stop on is the difference in type of installation: detachable under the hose or immovable watering can for the upper shower. What are their differences? In the first case, a watering can with a shower is attached to an elastic hose and a special holder. In the second - to a stationary pipe of a water pipe, hidden in a wall or ceiling, and does not require any personal fasteners.

Professionals advise buying a nozzle with several types of water supply. Each such regime has its own purpose( a soft stream for washing the head, Charcot's douche for weight loss, a pulsating jet for massage, etc.).The push button switch of the shower operation is considered more reliable than the check box.

Variety of options for the

Shower bowl today has five models:

1. Nozzle for the upper shower.

2. LED nozzle.

3. Watering can for a tropical shower.

4. Watering can with aeration.

5. Shower heads, saving water.

Let us dwell in more detail on each of them. Shower Heads

shower head As we have already mentioned, this model is attached to the wall or ceiling. The main difference and advantage of the overhead nozzle in front of the hand shower is the hands free of the person taking a shower. However, such a watering can is fixed permanently, and under no circumstances can its position be changed. The wall installation has two options. The first is the connection to the hose and the possibility of using the shower as "manual".The second one is the installation to the chrome pipe, and all that such a watering can do is to change the angle of inclination and turn left or right.

LED nozzle

The LED shower head has a light therapy mode. However, it does not need additional power supply. The work of lighting is carried out by means of the generation of energy from the water flow when the shower is switched on. The peculiarity of this regime is the positive effect of different colors on a person. For example, red color gives a charge of vivacity, green relaxes, yellow improves mood, etc. There is a whole technique of treating light of different spectrum. watering can with shower

Lake for a tropical shower

This is probably the most popular shower system in our time. It is equipped with a lot of small nozzles, and the flow of water, passing through these holes, acts as a rain. Toggle switching mode allows you to adjust the intensity of the shower - from a soft summer rain to a torrential downpour. In addition, many models are equipped with additional functions for mixing modes and perform intricate configurations. Watering can for a tropical shower

Watering bowl with aeration

The special feature of this device is the purification of water from chlorine and saturation with oxygen, which is invigorating and refreshing during bathing. This is an excellent start and end of the day, especially in the summer heat. In addition, experts assure that such a shower can save water - up to about 10 liters per session. Shower shower for shower

Shower water-saving water-jacks

Many devices have been created to save water. This is very important nowadays. Do you want to reduce water consumption by up to 50%?Then you need an economical shower head. For the shower of such a modification, a regulator is installed inside it, which, when the pressure in the water supply changes, partially blocks the water supply. What materials are used to produce shower heads?

Materials used in the manufacture of shower heads greatly affect their cost and durability. The most common and cheap are the plastic models, but they will not last long. From economical options it is better to purchase variants with rubberized micro-holes, from which it is easy to remove calcareous deposits. Shower head made of steel, durable, practical and convenient. The only negative is its cost. The price range of such devices for the bathroom starts from $ 60.But with proper care this copy will last for several years. And the most expensive products are made of stone or quartz glass.

When choosing the model you like, try a watering can. Some shops are equipped with a special stand, where the buyer can check how the shower works, putting his hand under the water flow.

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