Best cucumber seeds for open ground

Cucumber is a vegetable that people gladly eat in raw and canned form. The season of its cultivation is short enough, therefore it is important for each truck farmer and farmer to know which cucumber seeds are best for open ground. The choice of seed material directly depends on the composition of the land, the region where it will grow, and the climate.

Types of soil for growing cucumbers

cucumber seeds for open ground

Seeds of cucumbers for open ground are selected, based on the natural characteristics of the terrain and the location of the garden. This plant is rather capricious, it requires heat, good moistening and loosening of the earth, it does not tolerate the sun's rays, but its taste and useful properties more than cover all the time spent on care.

Cucumbers grow on almost all types of soil, but are less whimsical in light, rich fertilizer, with good drainage and aeration. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to sow this vegetable in the same place more often than once in five years. Therefore, it

is necessary to prepare the next planting ahead of time by adding organic fertilizers that accelerate the ripening of beautiful fruits and improve their taste qualities.

Cucumber sprouts

seeds of cucumbers self-pollinated for open ground

Planting in the open soil sprouts accelerates the first harvest of the week for two. This plant is whimsical, so for seedlings the seeds of cucumbers will be self-pollinated for open ground. These include varieties "Boy with finger F1", "Cupid F1", "Lesha F1", "Magnat F1", "Pasadena F1" and other parthenocarpic species. These hybrids have mainly female flowers, do not require the presence of bees for pollination and unpretentious.

Seeds of cucumbers for open ground must be prepared before they are planted on seedlings. Since the stems of the plant are very tender, they are recommended to "harden" and protect from pests. Many truck farmers and farmers prefer to buy hybrid varieties, but if the seed material does not apply to them, then it is better to take precautions.

For this, seeds of cucumbers self-pollinated for open ground are pre-soaked in a weak solution( 2 g per 200 ml of water) of potassium permanganate. The vodka should turn pink. They should be kept for up to 30 minutes, then wrapped in gauze and rinsed for several minutes under running water. This will strengthen the future plant before the aggressive external environment.

The next step is to have them sprout. To do this, the seeds for open ground can be decomposed on a lightly moistened piece of cotton cloth covered with other moistened material, for example, gauze. Within 2-3 days they "proklyutsya", and during this time the tissue should be periodically moistened with water. It is important not to fill them and keep them in a warm place.

"Hardening" of seedlings

To "guess" with the period of growing sprouts, you should know approximately when the temperature of the earth warms up to +15 - 16 degrees. If this is the end of May, the seeds of cucumbers for open ground are planted at the beginning of the month. The plant is very sensitive to cold, so transplanting for it is stress. Even if the earth gets warm enough during the day, it's best to wrap the shoots in the film at night.

For obtaining strong seedlings, each seed should be planted in a separate, better paper, cup, peat tablets or pots. To prevent the stems from stretching too fast, there should be enough light. To do this, a window sill from the sunny side of the house is suitable, and if there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to apply fluorescent lights. It is also necessary to make sure that the earth or peat is wet enough, but do not fill it with water. Humidification is carried out 1 or 2 times a week, depending on the air temperature in the house. Better if the day in the room +18 or higher, and at night +14, +15 degrees. In a couple of weeks after sowing, two strong leaves on the stem will appear, then they can be transplanted into the ground together with a glass or peat pot.

Variety of cucumbers

best cucumber seeds for open ground

If you think about which cucumber seeds are the best for open ground, then look at the self-pollinated species, as well as determine the timing of aging. This directly depends on climatic features, duration of the season and site location. A short summer period requires a different approach to planting and caring for plants than in the early spring or heat of time until mid-September.

If the garden is on the north side, then the best seeds of cucumbers for open ground are from the colder parts of the country. It can be "Farmer", early "Altai", "Admira F1", "Bidretta F1".They are distinguished by increased endurance to the environment, good yield and excellent taste qualities. Even if the summer turns out to be cool, they will enjoy abundant crunchy fruits.

Cucumber seeds for open ground can be early, medium and late. Of the "early", the most popular is the "Muromsky", since it yields crops for 35-40 days.

Sowing in the ground is better in the last decade of May or early June. Whatever the plant is "tempered", you should apply the film, covering it at night to save the shoots until the heat is completely set. Before planting the seeds should be pre-soaked in order to swell and "proklyunilis".This will speed up the process of appearance of the first shoots.

Sowing of cucumbers in

best cucumber seeds for open ground

Soil preparation begins two weeks before sowing. The land should be fertilized, for which you can use compost, manure or organic fertilizers. They are enough to scatter around the selected place, rake and leave for a few days.

Before planting, you need to make grooves or pits with the help of a hose and process them with the stimulator of growth of plants "Energen" at the rate of 2 capsules per 10 liters of warm water. Wells should be watered generously during sowing.

Seeds of cucumbers for open ground, reviews of truck farms are confirmed, it is better to throw at a distance of 10 cm from each other for 3-4 pieces in one hole. After emergence of sprouts, they must be thinned and strong stems left for further growth. Each plant can be covered with a jar for the first week to protect from the night coolness.

Criteria for choosing a variety of

To understand which good cucumber seeds to buy for outdoor use, several important properties of the plant should be considered:

  • the variety is selected depending on the climatic conditions: for a short summer, these are early ripened cucumbers, for long and hot -;
  • duration of fruiting of the plant;
  • fruit qualities and their function - salting or salads;
  • the sizes of cucumbers;
  • self- or bee-dusted varieties;
  • resistance to diseases;
  • Immunity to external adverse conditions - drought, cold, lack of regular watering.

Designating criteria, it is easier to determine the choice of specific types of seeds.

Early maturing of cucumbers

what are the best cucumber seeds

Early maturing for sowing into open land are:

  • "Aquarius" - is distinguished by high yield and is used both in salads and for pickling.
  • "Vyaznikovsky" cucumbers for a long fruit, have neat fruits and are suitable for pickling in barrels.
  • "Hermann F1" is resistant to diseases and is recommended for those areas where cucumbers have already grown and were ill. Also, it should be planted, if diseases overwhelm neighboring lands for greater preservation of the crop. This hybrid species is good for conservation.
  • "Kumanek F1" is a bee-dusted early variety, suitable for arid terrain or vegetable gardens without regular watering. Well "feels" also cool and "wormy" in summer.
  • "Siberian Patio F1" gives the fastest shoots, early harvest and a long fruitful season. It is used by housewives for salting and canning. His skins gradually flow through the brine, which gives a uniform and moderately rich taste.

These descriptions fully confirm the testimonials of gardeners that they leave.

Medium-ripened cucumbers

varieties of cucumber seeds for open ground

These species include:

  • "Lord F1" is a bee-dusted species that yields high yield and is resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew. It has neat fruits 10-12 cm in length, which are good for marinating and pickling in barrels.
  • "Farmer F1" is suitable for gardeners whose plots are in a cool enough climate or on the north side. Gives an abundant and prolonged harvest with zelenots up to 12 cm, suitable for pickling.
  • "Regina F1" pleases with the first collection 50 days after planting, has neat delicious fruits, which are used for salads.
  • "Marinda F1" is recommended to crispy cucumber lovers. The variety is resistant to pests and diseases, has a high yield, is perfect for pickles and conservation.

Branching of cucumbers

Another indicator when choosing seeds is branching. For open planting, plants with active stem formation are suitable, such as Phoenix, Phoenix 640, Marina Grove F1, Chistye Prudy, the main feature of which is long fruiting, until autumn frosts. A plentiful harvest and delicious greens without bitterness make them the favorites of those truck farmers who prefer to collect cucumbers on the ground, rather than install trellis. The only requirement of these species is the allocation of a large space on which stems will be formed.

Variety selection according to the purpose of

seeds of cucumbers for open ground reviews Many summer residents prefer to plant universal varieties that are suitable for salads, marinating and pickling. This species includes "Farmer", which is famous for its excellent taste qualities, high yield - up to 14 kg of fruits from 1 m2.

Cucumbers for salads are characterized by a soft and delicate skin, juicy pulp and are loved by the housewives for their rich aroma. These include the "Nugget", which gives a large number of greens, suitable for salads and conservation.

Cucumbers for pickling in barrels usually have a denser skin, which is soaked with brine gradually. This helps to preserve their crisp qualities.

When choosing seeds, you need to focus on the desired end result, taking into account local field conditions.

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