Dog bed for dogs

Each dog in the house or apartment must have its own place, on which no one would disturb it. Here she can sleep or rest easy, knowing that no one will interfere. This is the function of the lounger for dogs. This is especially true for smooth-haired animals, small breeds and puppies. They may be coldly sleeping in the winter on the same litter. And of course, a comfortable soft bench is required for an elderly pet suffering from arthritis or other joint diseases.

Dimensions of sun loungers

To determine the size of a lounger for dogs of a certain breed, you need to measure how much space is required for the pet lying on its side with elongated legs. Puppies, especially large breed dogs, can first have a small bedding, which must be replaced after a year. It should be noted that too large beds will not keep heat - in the off-season, when the heating has not yet been switched on, and it's already cold outside, the pet can freeze and catch cold. And in the summer heat, a tight lounger with sides will

also be left without attention, because the dog on it will be too hot.

a lounger for dogs


The forms of the "dog house" can be completely different: round, square, heart-shaped, fish, flower and so on. Of course, this will look very cute for smaller breeds of dogs, such as the Chihuahua, Spitz, Toy Terrier, Pekingese, Bologna, Yorkshire Terrier. Funny lounger will like the little puppy. Taxes and other mink dogs like booths, puppies are very fond of hiding in houses. Dogs of medium and large sizes who live in an apartment will prefer a sofa or ottoman. But most importantly - are such comfortable beds for dogs. Photos of different design options you can see below.

a lounger for a dog with your own hands

However, before deciding which form to purchase a sunbed, you should see in what position your pet prefers to sleep. If he likes to curl up, it is better to sew a lounger for a dog with his own hands in the shape of an oval or a circle. If he prefers to stretch his paws, then the rectangular shape is best suited.

What do the couches make of?

Most sun loungers are made with a reliable and durable base, which is covered from above with various soft materials. It can be fleece, fur, suede. Fleecy materials are perfect for owners of short wool, however velvet, fur and plush collect dust and shedding wool. An excellent solution is a nylon or plastic lounger for dogs, as it does not cause trouble in the care and is good for a long-haired dog. In addition, plastic loungers have proved themselves in terms of durability.

beds for large dogs

Natural fabrics are rarely used by manufacturers. Cotton and linen are very pleasant to animals and easily erased, but do not always look quite presentable.

Litter made of foam rubber and sintepon quickly permeate even under a small dog. Sun beds made of wood have no harmful fumes and impurities. Especially like such beds to dogs of large breeds, because they like to scratch their teeth. However, for their owners, such a litter will be beautiful, but short-lived and expensive.

Where to place a deckchair?

As a rule, a lounger for dogs is put at the wall in a secluded corner. To the pet does not stain the wallpaper and does not press against the wall, it is better to attach the edge. Depending on the size of the animal, its height ranges from 20 to 40 cm. At your discretion, the rims can be stiff, made of plywood, or soft, made in the form of a pad or roller. If you decide to make a lounger for a dog with your own hands, you need to ensure that the soft edge is easily erased or had a removable pillowcase, as it will quickly stumble.

beds for dogs photos

Useful advices

When choosing a sunbed, do not pay much attention to various ornaments. They will please you very shortly, because the dog will gladly taste different bows, beads and ruches.

Very comfortable to use sunbeds, transformers at the outset. This design greatly facilitates the cleaning and can be used with or without beads. The ends of the ties are best hidden in the folds, so that they attract as little attention as possible.

The materials used can also be hazardous to the health of the pet. Safe dyes, high-quality plastic and hypo-allergenic filler without harmful impurities on the cheap - it's fantastic.

Advantages of a self-made couch

The most obvious and important ones are:

  1. It will be sewn exactly according to the size of your pet.
  2. To make a stool, you can choose safe materials that do not cause allergies.
  3. By color and shape, it will be the perfect complement to your interior.
  4. Independent work will save a lot.
  5. The model of the couch will fully comply with the habits and nature of your pet. He will feel comfortable and comfortable.

plastic lounger for dogs

But the most important thing is that caring for a pet will bring pleasure and joy, which is exactly what you can not buy with money.

We make a lounger on our own

To sew a simple lounger for a dog with our own hands, we need a dense fabric for the skin, a soft fabric for pillowcases and foam rubber 5 cm thick. From the foam we make two patterns: the bottom of the lounger of a certain size and the side of the required height and length on three sidesbottom. The pattern of a lounger for a dog will depend on the chosen form, but for the beginning it is better to use a simple rectangle or circle. Then the foam is applied to the upholstery fabric, from which two pieces for the side are cut out and two parts for the bottom, taking into account the allowance for seams of about two centimeters. Covers are sewed from the fabric, into which it is necessary to put foam patterns. Then the bead and the bottom are to be sewn together.

a lounger for dogs

How to make a removable pillowcase

It is best to prepare a removable cover for the mattress. These cases should be made two, to periodically wash them. For pillowcases, natural smooth materials, from which wool is easily shaken off, such as linen and cotton, are best. Note that the lighter the used fabric, the more often it will have to be washed.

Removable pillowcases are cut out according to the dimensions of the finished product. A fastener in the form of a zipper or a button is better to replace with a regular elastic band or use Velcro.

Taffeta for dogs

Also, the couch can be made on the basis of a sheet of chipboard or plywood. Similar beds for large dogs are very comfortable and resemble small sofas without a side. To a sheet of the necessary size, you need to attach furniture legs up to 10 cm high, then on the basis of sewing the mattress. The easiest way to cut a mattress from an unnecessary blanket or cut out of cloth and fill with a sintepon.

beds for large dogs

To attach the mattress to the base, you can use wide elastic bands. And upstairs sew two pillow cases for a change. For example, you can sew them in the likeness of ordinary sheets on baby cots - on the perimeter to stretch the elastic band. Or it can be made like a pillowcase on a pillowcase. Pillow cases should be washed as they are contaminated, but it is important to periodically paddle the mattress in the snow in winter and summer in the sun to dry it well.

If you will use these simple tips in the process of work, then it will not be difficult to learn how to make a lounger for yourself.