Walkers with how many months you can use

Many parents try to buy only the best for their child. Coming to the store, young moms and dads see a lot of goods for newborns and older children. And, of course, among all this diversity in the children's store bright and attractive-looking walkers.

Walkers with how many months you can How many months can I buy a baby device for self-movement? What are the go-carts in general? What are their pros and cons? All these questions will be considered in this article.

What is a walker

Go-carts for children are a special device on wheels that allows an unskilled toddler to move around in space.

As a rule, walkers are equipped with a comfortable soft seat, made of dense fabric. The base of the walker is wide, not allowing the device to roll over. But still, sometimes it happens when the kid runs into some obstacle, for example, nails or a thick carpet. Therefore, do not leave the baby in the walker unattended.

from how many months you can put in a walker In modern walkers, the countertop is very attractive. You can find on sale a walker with a musical panel and a variety o

f toys. Therefore, if the mother wants a few minutes of rest, then the baby can quite entertain himself. But the question arises whether such devices for the health of the baby are so safe.

Advantages and disadvantages of the walker

Consider first the obvious advantages of the walker:

  • It often happens that the child does not leave his mother for a minute and does not let her do elementary things. In this case, walkers will become a rescue for tired parents and will enable the kid to move independently in space.
  • Now many models are equipped with various developing game panels. The child, being in the walker, will be able to press buttons, spin various wheels and listen to music, thereby developing motor skills and hearing.
  • Walkers will bring a little explorer a lot of fun. After all, now he can go where he wants, and he will be able to see much more than being on the floor.

But despite all the advantages, go-carts have disadvantages:

  • The kid can later start walking on his own. There is an explanation for this. After being in the device for walking, he can already do almost nothing himself. In addition, and much effort is not required, just push off with legs - and all.
  • In vertically aligning devices, the load on the immature children's body, in particular the spine, is greatly increased.
  • Often, while being in a walker, the child begins to push off the floor with socks, which leads in the future to walking on an incomplete foot or jumping gait.
  • A kid who has learned to walk in a walker, when he walks alone, loses his sense of balance due to lack of familiar support.
  • Walkers can cause injury if you choose a model with a not too wide base. In such a device, a child can easily turn over.

Child in a walker

If the parents still decided to buy a baby a device for independent movement, then the question arises as to how many months can be put in the walker.

Unequivocally you can say that up to 6 months in the walker can not be planted!

The basic rule when you can use a walker: the child can independently, without the support to sit. In addition, the baby does not fall down and holds the backrest smoothly and confidently. As a rule, this happens in 6-7 months. If you use them before, you can damage the child's body.

from how many months you can put a child in a walker Putting a baby in a walking device is for a short time. It is better that the child is not in them more than 15 minutes a day.

Walkers for girls

Parents of little princesses are often interested in how many months they can put girls in a walker. There is a certain disease - dysplasia of the hip joints. This disease is most often manifested in girls. And if the disease passes in mild form or for some reason is not detected in time, the walkers will only worsen the condition and cause the disease progression.

with how many months can you put the girls in a walker Answering the question about how many months you can put girls in the walker, it should be noted that the baby is a future woman and mother. Therefore, it is so important to treat with care and precautions the health of the hip joints. And if the walkers are used, then it is necessary to put the girl in them not earlier than 7-8 months, for a short time.15-20 minutes a day will be quite enough.

But what about boys?

Parents of future men are also interested in how many months they can put the boys in a walker. Moms and dads are worried how the constant friction of the seat will affect the baby's genitals. Many believe that squeezing may adversely affect the child's sexual and urinary system.

Determining how many months you can put the boys in a walker, doctors recommend adhering to the general rules. It should often be given to the baby to crawl on its own and use the walkers as little as possible. The recommended age, as in the case of girls, is not earlier than 7 months.

with how many months can you put the boys in a walker In general, the question of how many months you can use a walker for each kid is individual. After all, someone at 6 months is already confidently sitting, and such a child does not hurt 10 minutes to spend in such a device.

And another kid still in 7 months can not confidently and without support sit. In this case, it is better not to use a walker. From how many months you can try to put the baby in a vertical device, will show the development of the child. As soon as he can confidently sit, then the body is ready for such loads.

Contraindications to the use of walkers

When thinking about the need to buy walkers, it is important to determine not only how many months you can put the child in a walker. You should also consider possible contraindications.

So, to absolute contraindications include such situations:

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • The child suffered or suffered from rickets.
  • There is an increased or decreased tone.

It is worth limiting the use of walkers if;

  • The baby often has diaper rash in the groin.
  • A child is often alone in a crib and has no way to crawl.
  • Walkers are too high for a child.

Go to the store

After examining the question of how many months you can use a walker, and having determined the optimal age - 7-8 months, you can safely go for a purchase.

for how many months can I use a walker But when choosing, pay special attention to the construction of the walker and additional parts.

  • The base must be wide enough and certainly wider than the countertop itself. Thus, the baby will be stable in the walker and will not turn over.
  • Often parents are interested in the question of how many months can be put in the walker, and if the baby has already reached the recommended 7-8 months, make a purchase. But all the kids are different, and it can happen that the baby is tiny and does not get in the walker to the floor. In this case, the height adjustment function of the walker will be very useful.
  • Pay attention to the wheels. They should be large enough and evenly distributed throughout the base.
  • For entertainment, look at the game pad. You can choose a musical tabletop with pendant toys. Good panels with different twisting elements. The main thing is that there are no small and unreliable parts.

Psychological aspects of using a walker

Here's the parents bought walkers, with how many months you can use, studied. And what's next? You can, of course, just put a child in them and do your own business. And you can turn it into an exciting game.

Show the baby a new toy, give the chance to crawl and, perhaps, most to rise on the legs, holding on to the walker, as a support. Then put a child in them and call him. The baby intuitively starts to sort out legs. Very soon he will run in them faster than you.

Children really like the opportunity to move around the room. For mental development is very important cognitive activity of the baby. The child, seeing a bright toy, wants to receive it. But if you do not ask how many months you can put in a walker, and do it too soon, the kid will lose his willingness to overcome difficulties and creep.

Of course, because in the walkers it's easy - just pushed legs and went. Therefore, it is so important to give the child the opportunity to be more on the floor, and use the walkers for independent entertainment for a few minutes a day.

Rules for using a walker

The best option is to use a walker, putting on your toddler shoes. So there is a high probability that the child will not push off with socks, but put the foot on the entire foot.

If the baby is in a walker, do not go far from it. Be in the zone of walking distance to insure on time.

walkers, with how many months you can use Do not use the walker near stairs or other dangerous objects such as a fireplace or flaps. Having bought a walker, how many months can be used and how much time a child can have in them, every sensible parent should assimilate.

Remember! Walkers are not recommended before 7-8 months of age and no more than 40 minutes a day. And the total time is desirable to divide by two times, for 20 minutes.

And most importantly. Go-carts are just my mother's assistant. They are not necessary accessories and certainly will not teach the child to walk.

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