Fish muksun: cooking recipes

How is the muxun fish prepared? The answer to this question you will learn from the materials of this article. fish muksun

General information about the product

Before you tell us how the muxun fish is prepared, you should tell what the product is.

Muksun is a fish that belongs to the semipermeent whitefish. It lives in the freshened waters of the Arctic Ocean. From here spawns into the rivers Lena, Ob, Kolyma, Karu and Yenisei. In addition, fish muksu can live in Norilsk lakes.

This representative of semipermeent whitefish has 44-72 stamens. Usually its weight does not exceed two kilograms. However, occasionally fishermen come across individuals and about 13 kg.

Properties and composition of fish muksun

Due to the fact that this fish lives in the cold rivers of Siberia, it is very fat and high-calorie. It is these properties that give this product a delicate and juicy taste. Specific feeding conditions of this fish make her meat similar to omul.

It should also be noted that muxun breeds quite

easily in captivity. This is actively used by large manufacturing companies. fish mix

Despite the huge volumes of catch of this fish, the extinction of its population is not threatened, as annually a large number of fry is released into the rivers.

Speaking about the composition of fish, I want to say that muksun is very rich in vitamin PP, as well as such valuable elements as chlorine, chromium, molybdenum, zinc, nickel and fluorine.

Fried fish

There are so many opportunities to cook deliciously such a dish as fish muksun. Recipes of cooking say that the simplest and quickest method is frying. Using such heat treatment, you will make a very tasty and high-calorie dish that can be served to the table as an excellent complement to the garnish.

So which ingredients do you need to buy so that you get a very tasty fried fish muksun? For this, it will be required:

  • egg is a large raw - 2 pieces;
  • medium-sized muxun - 1 pc.;
  • table salt and ground pepper - apply to taste;
  • light flour - about 2/3 of the glass;
  • breadcrumbs - 2/3 cup;
  • sunflower oil - for frying dishes.

We process products

Recipes of fish muksun do not require the use of any special ingredients. To prepare a tasty dish, you should only carefully process all the ingredients. muksun recipes roasted stuffed baked

Freshly frozen fish are allowed to completely thaw, and then cleaned of the viscera, cut off all the fins, head and tail. The remaining carcass is divided into not very thick steaks, and then they are served with pepper and salt.

Preparation of breading

Breadcrumbs for muksun can be used in a variety of ways. We decided to combine a few. To do this, take three deep plates, and then in each of them spread wheat flour, bread crumbs and beaten eggs.

Fry fish in the frying pan

What should I do after the fish has been processed? How to cook this product? To do this, take a deep frying pan and strongly heat the sunflower oil in it. Then each steak of fish is dumped in wheat flour, dipped in a beaten egg and rolled in breadcrumbs. After that, the pieces of muksun are spread in the heated oil and fried on both sides. In this case, the fish should become rosy and crispy.

How to serve for dinner?

After the fish steaks are roasted, they are laid out in a deep plate and presented to the table along with some garnish and sauce / gravy. Also, the dish is recommended to be sprinkled with chopped green onions. fish muksun cooking recipes

Fish muksun: recipes

Fried, stuffed, baked muksun is ideal not only for serving to a simple lunch, but also a festive table. How to cook this fish in a frying pan, we told above. Now I want to tell you about how this product should be baked in the oven with the potatoes.

So, we will need:

  • muxun large - 1 pc.;
  • potatoes oblong - 1 kg;
  • spices and seasonings to fish - apply to taste;
  • fresh green - a bunch;
  • bulbs are large - 2 heads.

Preparation of


Before baking the fish, it should be thoroughly washed and cleaned of the entrails. Also with muxun it is necessary to cut fins and head. After that, the fish is thoroughly rubbed with various spices and seasonings, and then left aside for a while. fish muksun how to cook

With regard to potatoes, it is peeled and cut into thin slices. Then to the vegetables add half-rings of onions, salt, pepper and chopped greens. All ingredients are well mixed.

Baking process in oven

How to cook muxun in the oven? For this, a deep, heat-resistant mold is used. It is smeared with vegetable oil, and then spread the circles of potatoes and half-rings of onions. After this, the pre-pickled fish is placed over the vegetables. In this form, the dish is placed in the oven and cooked at a temperature of 207 degrees for 65-69 minutes. During this time, potatoes and muksun should completely become soft and rosy.

Serving for lunch

After the dinner is baked, it is laid out in a hot state on plates and served to the table. In addition, the dish is savored with fresh chopped herbs and onions. Also, a slice of white bread is served for dinner.

Cooking stuffed muksun in the oven

You can bake muxuna in the oven not just with potatoes and onions, but also pre-stuffing it. As a filling to such a fish, vegetables, greens and fried mushrooms are excellent. But first things first. how to cook muksun in the oven

So, we need the following products:

  • muxun large - 1 pc.;
  • fresh lemon juice - 2 large spoons;
  • spices and seasonings to fish - apply to taste;
  • fresh herbs - bunch;
  • large carrot - 1 large piece;
  • mayonnaise is low-fat - about 130 g;
  • champignons - 200 g( fresh);Sunflower oil
  • - 35 ml;
  • bulbs are large - 2 heads.

Processing fish

Before stuffing the fish, it should be carefully processed and marinated. To do this, the product is thoroughly washed in cool water, and then cleaned of the viscera, the fins and tail are removed. After that, the fish is flavored with spices and sprinkled with lemon juice. In this form, it is left at room temperature for 30-38 minutes.

Preparation of the filling

The filling for fish can consist of completely different ingredients. We decided to use vegetables and mushrooms.

Carrots and bulbs are peeled and then grinded. The first ingredient is cut into thin circles, and the second - semirings. After this, thoroughly wash the fresh mushrooms and shred them with thin straws. In the future, the mushrooms are spread in a frying pan with oil, salt, pepper and fry over medium heat until ready.

Stuffing fish and baking it in the oven

After pickling muxun, it is laid out on a thick culinary foil and maximally opens the belly. In it spread out circles of fresh carrots, fried champignons and half rings of onions. Also on top of all the ingredients are placed twigs of fresh greens and cover them with mayonnaise mesh. After that, the stuffed fish is densely wrapped in foil and laid in a heat-resistant shape. In this form, it is sent to a preheated oven and baked for about 60 minutes. This time should be enough to ensure that the fish is fully prepared and absorbed all the flavors of spices and fillings.

Serve stuffed fish to the dining table

After the muksun is cooked, it is taken out of the oven. Open the foil, the fish are allowed to cool slightly. After that, it is carefully moved to a flat and elongated plate, and then decorated with mayonnaise mesh, leaflets of green salad and lemon slices. In this form, the dish is presented to the table. If desired, you can separately prepare a garnish. If you do not have time for this, pieces of baked fish serve guests with those vegetables and mushrooms that are baked in it. They will serve as a kind of side dish, making the dinner more satisfying, caloric and nutritious. fish recipes

Summing up

As you can see, fried, baked and stuffed muksun is getting ready quite quickly. Using the described recipes, you are sure to get very tasty and nutritious dishes that can be served even to the festive table as the main hot lunch.

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