"Milk girl"( cake): a recipe of cooking with a photo

The holidays or usual weekends are approaching. .. And we feverishly start to think about how to diversify the dining table with a new delicious dish. Many people, especially children, ask for a sweet and cream dessert, so again you need to open a cookbook in search of a recipe for a quality and inexpensive cake. A good option for all housewives is "Milk Girl" - a biscuit product, which will appeal even to notorious gourmets.

What is this cake?

Immediately I can say that this is a terrific dessert: light and airy."Milk Girl" is a cake, the recipe of which can be found in any cookbook, besides, it does not require much effort from the hostess, being simple enough and uncomplicated in cooking. Even green beginners in the culinary business will be able to deal with it with dignity, if they comply with all the recommendations.

milk girl cake recipe By the way, this unusual and funny name was given to the cake thanks to the German condensed milk: "Milch m├Ądchen".It was the Berlin women who came up with a recipe in which

one of the ingredients was this sweet product. Their idea was quickly picked up by the landladies all over the world: they liked the product so much that women began to cook it willingly for their family, without forgetting to experiment and make their own dessert. As a result, we received an improved cake called "Milk Girl".Reviews about the dessert are the most positive, so be sure to include it in the menu of the nearest weekend.


In the classic recipe, there are not that many of them. For the test, you need to buy one jar of condensed milk( 500 grams).You will also need sour cream - about 8 tablespoons, flour - 250 grams( one and a half glasses), eggs - 2 pieces, baking powder - 1 packing and starch - 2 tablespoons. Experienced housewives say that the last component can be replaced with ground coconut shavings, semolina or other kind of flour - rye or corn, which will also give a certain rich color to the baked cakes. Although, if you forget starch, do not be scared. Biscuit dough can do without it.

recipe for a delicious homemade cake Recipe for a delicious homemade cake allows the use of various creams - for your taste. But for the "Milk Girl" is ideal sour cream: this fact should be noted. First time is better to use the classic stuffing, in the future you can experiment, making it chocolate, cream or custard. Therefore, for the preparation of cream use sour cream - 600 ml, powdered sugar - 1 glass and vanilla sugar, if desired. It is necessary to stock up the powder, made from crumbs of wafers, biscuits, nuts, as well as a silicone rug or baking paper.

Making dough

When all the components are removed from the kitchen boxes and neatly laid out on the desktop, you can start to prepare the cakes. First, mix the condensed milk and eggs - until a homogeneous mass. You can help yourself with a fork or a whisk: whipping the ingredients, you will quickly achieve the desired result. That's just a mixer in this case it is better not to use. Then add flour to this substance, which is previously sieved through a sieve and connected with a baking powder. We mix it well. You should get a dough of this consistency, as for pancakes. If you let him stand for 15 minutes, it will become thicker and more elastic.

cake milk girl under mastic Special form for baking does not require "Milk Girl"( cake).The recipe allows you to use for this purpose a special paper: from it we cut out the same round blanks. You can make them using a plate and a simple pencil: while one "paper cake" should not exceed in diameter 20-25 centimeters. If you decide to use a silicone mat, then its plus is that it is reusable. And the ready dough from such material is removed better and does not stick to its surface.


While you are casting a spell over the dough, the oven should warm up slowly. Before you start working, turn it on by setting the temperature at 180-200 degrees. The recipe for a delicious homemade cake says: the cakes for the product should be baked in turn. To begin with, place the first paper blank or silicone rug on the baking sheet, put 2-3 tablespoons of dough in the center, distribute it evenly and send it to bake. The preparation of a "pancake" takes an average of 5-7 minutes.

cake milky girl with peaches When the surface of the cake reaches a pleasant golden hue, it must be removed from the oven and gently separated from the parchment. If you leave it at that, it can stick to the paper. You can help yourself with a knife or a special spatula. Put the finished cake on the tray. The rest of the test should be baked according to the same principle: 6-7 layers of the future product should be produced. The more of them, the more delicious the "Milk Girl".The cake, whose recipe is simple, can be built even from 10-12 floors.

Cooking sour cream

As already mentioned, the cake can be cooked with any cream. But based on the reviews of enthusiastic gourmets, we conclude that sour cream is suitable for our product as well as possible. Yes, and make it simple: no cooking and long cooling. Just using a mixer, whisk in a lush mass of sour cream and powdered sugar. The cream should turn out dense and airy. As flavor, we use a package of vanilla sugar, which we add before the start of whipping.

cake milk girl reviews Experiments are not afraid of the "Milk Girl".Cake, the recipe for its preparation, the main ingredients - with all this you can "play", introducing into the dessert something new and unique. From this, it will not deteriorate, if, of course, observe the basic rules of the technique of preparation. So, instead of vanilla sugar, you can add ground hazelnuts - for nutty flavor, citrus peel will cause a pleasant lemon or orange smell, a little cinnamon - a spicy and divine bouquet. Remember, if you do not have sweet powder, it's easy to make from ordinary sugar in a coffee grinder or blender. And most importantly: the finished cream should be put in the refrigerator before lubricating the cakes: it will become more delicious and thicker.

Chocolate and fruit variants

If you want the cakes to be dark, and the cream remains white, you can make a small adjustment with a simple component. For this, in sifted flour add 50 grams of ordinary cocoa powder. The grated chocolate will also give the cakes the appropriate taste and color, so you can use it without fear when baking the cake. In the event that you want a dark cream and a white base, you need to mix the powdered sugar with two tablespoons of cocoa and beat this mixture with sour cream. Get a little modified cake "Milk Girl" - chocolate. Everything, as you can see, is quite simple and fast.

cake milk chocolate girl Instead, fruit lovers have a wider field for experiments. With sour cream or chocolate cream, strawberries, cherries and bananas are well combined. They cut into thin plates before the assembly of the product, so that they do not let excess juice. Very delicious cake "Milk Girl" with peaches and pineapple, originality of dessert gives use as a filling of forest blueberries and sweet kiwi.

Assembling the product

For the cake base we choose the most durable and thick cake. It is abundantly lubricated with a cream ball: the most part should be in the middle, so that when sewing "floors" the filling does not come out on the sides. If you are preparing a fruit cake, then after the sour cream, lay out the prepared bananas, peaches or any forest berries. On top of them, we also soak up the cream well, so that the other cake is better and firmer on the previous one. By this method, we collect all the dessert.

milk girl cake recipe You can decorate it in any way. To hide the cake "Milk girl" for mastic - a good option, but not every hostess knows how to cook a culinary clay. Of course, you can buy it, but it's still a lot of hassle. We still need to be able to beautifully roll out the mastic, to evenly cover the product and fashion figures for decorations. Therefore, I advise you to simply cover the top and edges of the cake with cream, sprinkle with chopped nuts or confectionery crumbs. Festive desserts are covered with chocolate glaze or jelly. Fantasize. After all, the result depends only on your imagination and skillful hands.

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