New Year's recipe: baked carp in the oven in foil

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, a New Year's table is served with baked carp. Many people associate this dish with this holiday, as we have - champagne, "Olivier" and tangerines. Preparing the carp in the oven will take about an hour, but it takes a little food for it. Well, while the husband and children dress up the tree, will we fish?

Preparation of

Baked carp in the oven in foil

We prepare all the products necessary for the dish "New Year's carp, baked in the oven."The recipe prescribes to stock up two onions, lemon and spices "For fish".Well, the very "originator of the triumph" is also needed. Fish in a couple of kilograms, of course, is enough for a family of four or five people. We will also need a faithful assistant to every housewife - a proven oven and a roll of foil. It is the aluminum sheet that will not allow the carp skin to be roasted and leave the meat surprisingly soft. If you have enough skill in the difficult matter of cleaning and evisceration of fish, then turn on the stove

. It should be heated to 180-200 degrees Celsius. We cut off the head and fins and put it into the refrigerator until the best times( you can then boil the ear from them).Clean the inhabitant of lakes with salt and sprinkle with spices.

Cushion preparation

New-year baked carp in the oven in foil, like a gold medal, should rest on a cushion of onions. His rings will absorb the smell of fish, and they will give her sourness. Lemon wash and, without cleaning, cut into slices. Put a piece of foil on the baking tray diagonally. Look at your carp. Now recreate his silhouette on an aluminum sheet: the cushion of the bow must fully match the outlines of the fish.

Carp cooking in the oven

We spin the carcass

Our carp has already lain enough in the salt, and also in a mixture of black and white pepper, bay leaves, basil and thyme, sprinkled with vinegar. Now let's take it off. We make shallow incisions along the edges with the sharp tip of the knife. In them we place lemon wedges. Then we shift the fish to another barrel and do the same with the left side. Lay the carcass on the onion pillow. Many Czechs like the dish "Baked carp in the oven in foil" with some filling. It can be just the remaining onions and lemon, and you can also make something special: mix the potatoes with a grated onion and greens of celery and parsley.

The last stage of

Carp baked in the oven recipe

We carefully wrap the fish with foil from above. With heat treatment, the juice will be abundantly allocated, and we should not lose a drop! To be sure, you can wrap the carp in two layers of material. The edges of the foil are tampered with, so that it is as if in a sack. We put in the oven for half an hour. By the way, if you decide to make a dish "Baked carp in the oven in foil" somewhere on a picnic or fishing, it does not matter that there is not this very oven nearby. It can easily replace an ordinary fire - it will even be even more delicious, with a haze. Wait until the firewood is burnt, and put the aluminum package right on the coals, in the heat. Do not forget to turn every 5 minutes.

With what the

is served Baked carp in the oven in foil is very good with a garnish of greens. Boiled string beans, cauliflower, kohlrabi or Brussels sprouts fried with eggs - excellent accompaniment of fish. Green vegetables for the New Year are difficult to get, so you can garnish the dish with mushroom delicacies( prepared from fresh champignons or dried or frozen white).Or just cook loose rice. By the way, for relatives it will be a surprise to find a garnish in. .. belly fish. To make the stuffing not fall out, "button" the edges of the belly carp with toothpicks. As a sauce you can cook any cream-based - Dutch, sour, bechamel. And of course, serve a light white wine to the crown dish of the New Year's table.

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