We make an original house for a cat with our own hands

When a pet appears in the house, he must have his own private corner. There the animal will be able to tidy the fur, play and relax. How to make a house for a cat, so that the pet in it is comfortable? In fact, this is not so House for a cat with their own hands is difficult. It is not necessary to spend large sums of money and purchase this accessory in a specialized store. It's enough just to show a little imagination and build a house for a cat with your own hands. In addition, you probably will find all the necessary materials for this.

Craft a house for a cat with our own hands

So, let's start with the preparatory stage. Determine what we need to build a house for a cat with our own hands. For this, first of all, you need to take into account the preferences of a pet. All cats like to lie on something soft and fluffy, thread claws, hide from prying eyes. Therefore, it is necessary that her abode contain all the necessary elements. Want to make the perfect house for a cat? You can create a real work of art with your ow

n hands. You will need pieces of artificial fur, foam rubber( or other soft filler), wooden slats of different sizes, thick coarse ropes, as well as pet toys. All this can easily be found in the pantry or on the furthest shelf of the cabinet.

How to make a house for a cat

In fact, a single instruction for such a thing you will not find. Therefore, you can take advice on the Internet or just show your imagination. So, to start building a house for a cat with your own hands, House for cats own hands make a basis of wooden planks, which can then be sewn with artificial fur. Do not forget about the main element, which must contain a house for cats. With your hands you will have to make a miniature room with a roof and a small round entrance opening. Especially it will be pleasant to cats who have recently got offspring. As a rule, young mothers do not like very much when someone is looking at their children. Therefore, for their own tranquility, make sure to make such a dark komorku. Litter with foam or other soft material. It is better to make it detachable so that you can clean from time to time in the pet's home. To the house for cats( you can make real multi-storey mansions with your own hands, if you have several animals at home) also served as a place for games, on individual wooden slats hang on solid threads the toys in the form of fur balls, balls and shiny fluffy brushes. Now you can not worry about the fact that the animal will take something for fun.

Saving furniture

How to make a house for a cat Many owners of cats face the problem of damage to an expensive interior. But these animals have a constant need for sharpening claws. Therefore, we will not shout in vain for a pet, but simply equip it with a suitable house. With your own hands, first make an object resembling a large coil for threads. Then, as tightly as possible, wind a thick rope over it. Done! Now the animal will be happy to sharpen its sharp claws about such a simple adaptation. Furniture will be safe and sound. Connect the different strips, rooms and stands between each other - and as a result you will get a real cat town. Now your pet has his own private space in the apartment.

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