How to cook a dry asparagus delicious

This vegetable is rich in vitamins A and C, but it is not the most interesting properties of asparagus. They say that she is rich in aphrodisiacs and acts no worse than the "famous tablets."Here is one problem: in a fresh form it is rather difficult to purchase, and a dry semi-finished product can be found in any hypermarket. That's just how to cook dry asparagus, very few people know. But first about the properties of this wonderful delicacy. How to cook dry asparagus

Properties of Asparagus

As a useful medicine, asparagus affects the functioning of the kidneys and the male prostate. Frequent use of the product provides a sedative and diuretic effect, favorably affects the vessels. But it's nice and different: asparagus is perfectly combined with other products and does not require much effort in cooking. Therefore, how to cook dry asparagus is a simple task for the hostess. And time will take a little.

What is dry asparagus?

By the way, dry asparagus is a substitute, which is made from soy. Of cou

rse, it does not have all the same properties as fresh, but it tastes as good as Korean delicacies. It is also called "fudge", and it is cooked very simply and without any rare ingredients. Soy milk is boiled, and the formed foam is removed and dried. How to cook soya asparagus

And how to cook dry asparagus? Use it, pre-soaked in water. Cook asparagus separately or with meat, you can put it out in a multivarquet with other vegetables and get a delicious stew. Good compatibility of this product with others allows you to add dry asparagus, even in some desserts, soups, used as a side dish for shish kebab.


So, how to cook soy asparagus, which is sold in long sticks? You can break it in half so that it fits in a frying pan or in a saucepan. You can add it to cold snacks, just soaking it in water or marinade from vinegar and spices. And this is how they prepare the famous asparagus in Korean, which is sold in the market by weight. First you need to soak it in warm water and cut into strips. The thickness of one straw - no more than 5 cm, you can and less. We also need garlic - a couple of denticles chop with spicy bell pepper, mix and add to asparagus.

Dry asparagus Take the carrots and grate them( also straws).From above on asparagus we put carrots, sprinkle with spices, coriander, we fill in with olive oil. If the asparagus was soaked in water, you need to add rice vinegar and a little soy sauce - without it anywhere. It remains to put a snack in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and let it nourish.

How to cook dry asparagus with fried onions? It is necessary to pour the half-finished product with boiling water for about an hour, but for now cut the onions with onions. Heat the frying pan with butter and fry onions until golden brown. Add the chopped garlic, pepper and soy sauce, and fry a little more. After the resulting sauce add to the asparagus. There we send 1 tbsp.seasoning lotus.


In the absence of rice vinegar, marinating asparagus is better in apple. You can also add pepper( peas) and a few laurel leaves. You will get a delicious and nutritious protein product, the main advantage of which is cheapness.

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