How to boil a condensed milk in a saucepan, pressure cooker, microwave oven

Who does not like condensed milk? It is convenient to add it to coffee, dunk dry biscuits into it. This product in a wide range is sold in any store. But you can cook this delicacy yourself. How to cook homemade milk? Very simply: you need to dilute 300 grams of powdered milk in half a liter of fresh( whole).Dissolve in this mixture 600 grams of sugar and cook in a water bath for about an hour, from time to time stirring. From condensed milk it is possible to prepare a cream for cakes or pastries. But that the milk does not spread, it must be cooked. Then the product will turn out dark caramel color and consistence of oil.

How to cook homemade milk

Selecting the source product

Do not be lazy and read the contents of the label on the label. There should not be any "chemistry" in condensed milk. Only whole milk, cream and sugar. Fat content should be at least 8%.Palm and other vegetable oils will, after all, do their worst. Instead of wondering how to brew condensed milk, you will think about how to clean th

e kitchen walls and ceiling from it. From the jars before cooking, remove the paper label, but you do not need to open the container itself.

How to boil a condensed milk in a saucepan

How to boil a condensed milk

Put a jar without a label in a high and narrow pan( some people think it should be put on its side).Pour cold water so that it completely covers the metal top. Put the pan on medium heat without a lid. When the liquid boils, you need to reduce the gas to a minimum. Here we have a problem: we can neither see nor verify by any means the readiness of the product. Varenka should be thicker and darker than usual condensed milk, but the tin can not contain this color or consistency in the process of heat treatment. How long does it take to cook condensed milk? Many housewives ask. Usually it takes about two or two and a half hours. It all depends on what kind of cream you want to make of it: if it's plastic, just to smear the cakes, then two hours. If you want steep to later mix it with butter, nuts, essence, candied fruits or something else - three hours. Have a kettle ready with boiling water. All this time you need to carefully monitor that the pot was completely drowned and pour hot water as necessary.

How long does it take to brew condensed milk

How to cook condensed milk in the

pressure cooker Sometimes it happens that we simply do not have these 2-3 hours to fiddle with the cooking of the jar. Then we are helped out by modern kitchen devices: a microwave oven or a pressure cooker. In the latter, the process of preparing condensed milk is similar to the usual one, in a saucepan. Put the jar in the drum, pour completely with water, close the lid and turn the device on all the way. How to boil( through the valve will plentifully burst out steam), notice 10 minutes and turn it off. But do not open the lid - the pressure cooker should cool itself.

How to boil condensed milk in a microwave

This is the only way to prepare milk, when you need to open a jar - after all, metal can not be put in the microwave oven. Open the tin and pour the contents into a more or less deep bowl. Set the middle mode and the timer on the control panel for two minutes. Then stir the milk and repeat the process. After 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the desired consistency, the broth will be ready.

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