How to care for cyclamens at home

The exotic flower cyclamen is also called alpine violet. Seeing this plant, very few people remain indifferent to its beauty. However, there are even fewer people who will venture to start a flower at home. care for cyclamens at home It is believed that the content of cyclamens in the home is quite difficult. But at many florists the plant perfectly develops, blossoms and well itself feels.


Cyclamen is a perennial tuberous or bulbous plant. The duration of his life is about twenty years. Different species have white, burgundy, purple and pinkish flowers. Homeland cyclamen are the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The most common are European and Persian varieties.

How to care for cyclamen

Contrary to the prevailing judgments, cyclamen - the plant is not too capricious. There are special requirements for growing a flower, and caring for cyclamens at home is not just about timely and proper watering. When choosing a plant in a flower shop, you need to look at its leaves and tubers. how to care for a cyclamen The green parts of the crop should not sag, but the tubers must be taken without the kidneys. Usually, plants are sold planted in a peat substrate. Such a soil is not at all suitable for normal development. The plant should be transplanted into the usual land. During transplantation, all rotten roots and peaty lumps must be completely removed, and drainage should be placed on the bottom of the vase.


Do not pay attention to strict recommendations and instructions. Each plant requires an individual watering plan, which depends on the conditions of growth. Carrying out moisturizing and caring for cyclamens at home, you need to adhere to the basic rule: you can not fill the pot or dry the plant. content cyclamen at home Although the last condition is not so scary for the culture. Sadly, once you overflow the plant, you can provoke its death as a result of rotting roots.

Lighting and temperature mode

The flower loves light, but is afraid of direct sunlight. It is better to place the pot on the north side of the window. Otherwise, a shading is required. Care for cyclamens at home requires knowledge that it should be placed in a cool place. The plant reacts poorly to heat above 14 degrees. Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to put a pot closer to the window, and in summer, on the contrary - away.

Transplantation and reproduction, special requirements of

Cyclamen should be transplanted every year to fresh soil, this is recommended in summer. Persian variety can be propagated only by seeds, European - by dividing the bulb. After the flowering, the plant passes into a state of rest, its leaves turn yellow, and the tubers remain bare by the beginning of summer. At this time, special care for the cyclamen in the home. It should be reduced watering( it is recommended to add water to the pan), and after dropping the foliage the flower is placed in a cool place( cellar, pantry).At the end of the summer, the cyclamen is transplanted into a new soil and returned to its original location. After the appearance of the first leaf, the watering is resumed in the previous regime.

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