How to make a dough for pies without yeast

Non-yeast dough - its types

There are many types of yeast test: sweet, fresh, sand, biscuit, puff, custard, etc. To make the dough porous and airy, use baking powder, mechanical and chemical. All these elements give the baking a porous structure. A common rule for all types of this test is the use of flour and eggs. And for sandy necessarily used butter. The composition of the custard includes a lot of eggs and margarine. From this test without yeast prepare a variety of dishes: rolls, pies, puffs, cakes, cakes and croutons, which complement all kinds of fillings and creams.

batter for pies without yeast Simple dough for pies without yeast

Yeast baking is heavy for the stomach, but what now do the fans of flour products? There is an alternative - non-yeast taste. For pies, pies and pizza is an excellent option - baking turns light, airy and fragrant. And the taste it does not differ from yeast. The first recipe is very affordable, any hostess can cope with it. Prepare foods: cottage cheese a half kilogram,

three eggs, wheat flour 200 gr., A little soda, sugar and vanillin. As a filling, you can use vegetables, jam and fruit.

Method of preparation

We knead cottage cheese, mix it with beaten eggs, vanilla and sugar. In a separate cup of "gas" soda hot water. Pour flour to it and mix it thoroughly. Divide the dough into small pieces. For each piece we spread the filling - we patch the edges. Pies can be both fried and baked - in any variation it turns out delicious. As you can see, the dough for pies without yeast is prepared quite quickly. By the way, it produces excellent cakes for canapés and sandwiches.

pizza dough for pies Non-yeast dough for pies. Recipe for the preparation of

Ingredients: two glasses of flour, an egg, two hundred grams of sour cream, butter 100 gr., Soda, salt, sugar. For the filling: sugar, apples. To make the dough for pies without yeast soft, the butter( softened) must be beaten with the egg until a white, thick mass forms. In the egg-cream mixture add sour cream( it is better to take more fat), soda, sugar and salt. Before you pour in the flour, the mass should be mixed very well( so that there are no lumps) - you can beat it with a mixer. Then add only half the flour( 100 gr.).The second part should be sifted onto the table and poured sour cream into it. As a result, you should get an elastic thick dough. The dough is rolled into a layer and we cut out the mugs with a small glass, we already put sliced ​​apples with sugar on them and fry in oil.

Juicy pies with blueberries without using yeast

bezdozhzhevoy dough for pies. Recipe To prepare dough for pies without yeast, you will need the following ingredients: 400 gr.flour, sugar( to taste), one hundred grams of butter, baking powder( 20 g), 150 grams.milk, lemon peel( 10 gr.), two eggs, vanillin and one and a half glasses of blueberries. Mix ½ part of the flour with lemon zest, sugar and baking powder. Further in this mass we add butter, half of a bilberry and well we mix. Separately beat eggs with milk and vanilla - pour into a blueberry-flour mixture. The remaining flour is mixed with the resulting mass and knead the dough. We form pies filled with blueberries, put them on a greased baking sheet and put in a preheated oven. To give the pies a golden crust from above, we grease them with an egg and sprinkle with sugar. Bake a miracle bun for twenty minutes. From such a test it turns out unmatched baking. Try and enjoy the taste.

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