When does pregnant have milk?

When does the milk appear in pregnant women?

Probably every woman expecting a baby, not once or twice in a long nine months, is asked a lot of questions. From the most intriguing about whether a boy will be born or a girl, to the most, in general, banal. One of these questions, especially among moms who are waiting for the first child, is the following: "When does the milk appear in pregnant women?".Usually this happens after the birth, someone immediately, someone later, in a day or two. But it happens quite often that the first drops of milk are released from the nipples already during pregnancy. Usually this happens closer to childbirth, but sometimes in the sixth to seventh month. And the fact, at what time the milk appeared during pregnancy, is by no means an indication of how much it will be after the birth of the child. when pregnant women appear milk

Milk or not?

And now about everything in order. First, if the accuracy is maintained, the liquid released from the mammary glands during pregnancy or immediately

after birth is not milk. Milk during pregnancy is not allocated and can not stand out, there is no need for it. It is colostrum, it is thicker than normal breast milk, more nutritious, contains a lot of fat, is rich in immunoglobulin and other necessary newborn useful substances. It is the colostrum that feeds on the baby the first few days after birth, it is better saturated, so it stands out a little. And the panic of many young mothers about the small amount of milk in the first days after delivery is in vain. Colostrum is allocated as much as necessary, and milk will come a little later, when the baby will be able to get his food for a longer time, while he is weak. In addition, colostrum gives the baby the strongest immunity, which is simply necessary! milk during pregnancy

What to do with colostrum?

If with that, when pregnant women have milk, everything is more or less clear, then there are still some ambiguities. For example, many pregnant women, having discovered that they have colostrum, do not know what to do. Some even become panic-stricken, and completely in vain! As we have already explained, this is an absolutely normal process. And what to do with it? Never mind! If the colostrum is very strong, buy special inserts in the nursing bra, hygiene. Do not try to express the colostrum, it's too little. In addition, it is dangerous - the stimulation of the nipples provokes the release of the hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream. And he, as is known, stimulates the contraction of the muscles of the uterus, which can lead to problems, up to premature birth. In addition, there is a risk of damaging the tender nipple, and in fact its sensitivity is already increased. milk during pregnancy

Do not panic!

There is another side to the medal - after reading and listening to the fact that the colostrum appears even while the baby is waiting, many mothers rush to the other extreme. When they find out when milk appears in pregnant women, they are waiting for this process at home. Not finding the treasured drops, they panic. Not worth it! The process of formation of colostrum is individual. Someone it appears immediately after childbirth, and some women have to wait for the appearance of milk for several days, already being the mothers of newborn babies. In general, pregnancy is a great time to enjoy life and your wonderful state, and not to torment yourself with vain excitement!

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