About how much to cook mushrooms

Champignons: to cook or not to cook

Today, champignons are known as a nutritious and easy-to-prepare product. They contain a large amount of albumin protein, as a result of the correct preparation of fungi, this white how much to cook mushrooms is well preserved and absorbed by the human body. About how much to cook mushrooms, and whether you need to cook them at all, there are disputes to this day.

Save vitamins - the task of every mistress

Champignons are mushrooms that are grown in a greenhouse. Therefore, they are not dangerous to human health, unlike forest and meadow mushrooms. And from the long cooking before cooking from them a certain food, almost all nutrients, including proteins, are destroyed. Therefore, you need to be able to prepare champignons.

Advice from

Do you need to cook champignons or not? champignons must be cooked Many people give a positive response, explaining this treatment of fungi with a precaution against possible poisons posing a health hazard. Other people even eat mushrooms in raw form,

for example, as fillings for sandwiches with mayonnaise and cheese. But experts in the culinary field advise a little to boil the mushrooms to give them the best taste.

How Much Cooking Mushrooms

How Much Cooking Mushrooms? The answer to this question is straightforward and simple. Champignons should be cooked for 5-8 minutes. This time is long enough for boiling water to kill dangerous bacteria, if any, in these mushrooms. And also for the allotted time, the taste of the dish cooked with champignons will improve, because during cooking the mushrooms soften slightly and acquire completely new flavor notes. need to cook mushrooms If the cooking time is increased, the mushrooms will lose their color and become too soft, unsuitable for further cooking, or lose their appearance.

How to keep the mushrooms

In order for the mushrooms to remain fresh and do not change their color, you need to know how to handle them. After you bought them in the store, if you do not intend to immediately prepare a dish, put the mushrooms in the refrigerator. You do not need to wash them. Whenever you decide to make something tasty from mushrooms, take the champignons out of the refrigerator, clean them and thoroughly wash them in cold water. Next - as expected: a little brew. And how many to cook mushrooms, you already know. You can also keep these mushrooms for a long time. For this purpose, an uncomplicated method is suitable - freezing. Champignons, already washed and brushed, Champignon poured into a cellophane bag and stored in the freezer.

Champignons in sour cream

You can prepare various dishes from them. The most common and popular way of processing these mushrooms is frying champignons in vegetable oil. How to fry mushrooms? In the frying pan pour a little vegetable oil, add the crushed onions, a little brown. Then you lower the mushrooms into small pieces of butter. Salt and pep them. Do I need to, and how much to cook mushrooms? Of course, cook the mushrooms about five minutes and strain. Thus, our mushrooms will get the right consistency, and the dish will be much tastier. Add one or two tablespoons of fatty sour cream, spices, and stew for another ten minutes, and at the very end add to the ready-made dish 1-2 clove garlic.

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