You do not know how to make a fern? Recipes - here!

The thickets of the emerald grass, preferring a tropical and subtropical climate, are shrouded in a veil of mystery. The tree fern has witnessed the life of Paleozoic pangolins. Several thousand varieties of this plant are known in our times! However, few know that the leaves and sprouts of this herb can and should be eaten. How to cook fern properly? What kind of plant is suitable for culinary masterpieces? And, finally, what is its use?

how to cook a fern The use of fern

The nutritional value of this plant is due to the presence of flavonoids and fat, essential oils, vitamin A, B, E, digestible proteins and carbohydrates. In addition to nutritional value, the fern is also interesting from the point of view of medicine. It is used to treat a number of diseases( endocrine, gastric).It has an antiradiation effect. We, however, are now interested in the possibilities of culinary use of this plant.

How to cook a fern? Nuances

For cooking almost all parts of the plant are suitable. There are many

dishes from the fern. It can be fried, marinated, how to cook a fern salting. However, the use of fresh plants is categorically forbidden - they are poisonous and cause severe poisoning, which often ends tragically. It should be remembered that only two kinds of ferns are considered edible: eagles( taste resembles mushrooms) and ostrich( similar to cauliflower).For both varieties, cuttings are suitable for cooking, which must be young. The leaves on them have not yet blossomed and resemble a snail. Collected petioles must be boiled, if there is an intention to eat a delicious dish immediately. When there is no cooking option, salting or drying the shoots, otherwise they will quickly become stiff and bitter.

How to cook fresh fern? Fry!

First we boil the young shoots in salt water until they cease to be bitter. After cooling, cut into slices. Preheat a frying pan with sunflower oil. We spread on it the onions and carrots, cut into half rings, add stems and fry until the fern becomes crispy. At the end of the preparation, add salt, tomato paste, garlic, curry and other spices to taste.

And how to cook a fern? Marinuem!

how to cook fresh fern We invariably start with the process of boiling the plant. We try for bitterness and watch, so that the cuttings do not boil into a soft mash. They should be crispy. We merge water, cut the stems into pieces and add them to the pan( plastic utensils do not fit).One kilogram of fern needs a marinade of three tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of vinegar( apple), two teaspoons of sugar and salt( to taste).Cuttings are mixed with the marinade, the crushed garlic is laid out on top of the mass. In the heated sunflower oil, one teaspoon of red pepper is added. Marinate should be in a cold place for several hours.

How to prepare a fern for future use?

It's not always possible to pamper yourself with freshly prepared cuttings. In this case, the fern can be salted. First, of course, we boil it. For pickles we take unoxidized dishes. We reserve ourselves with patience - we will lay out the fern layers. The salt is taken in the amount of 200-250 g per kilogram of cuttings, part of it is poured onto the bottom of the container. Then - a layer of shoots. It is convenient to spread the fern overlap. Each layer is poured with salt. From above press down with oppression, and put the capacity in a cool place for a week or two, after which the brine merges. And manipulations with shifting are repeated. And only then the salty fern can be stored as many as you want. To prepare the cuttings soak for at least two days, changing the water periodically.

dishes from the fern Now you not only know how to make a fern, but you are sure to make sure that this process is not complicated. And fantasy will be able to suggest the most intricate combinations that will turn a new dish into a delicious delicacy.

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