How to bake lavash at home? Very simple!

There are a lot of wonderful recipes in the Armenian cuisine that have taken root in our country. Among the most popular and favorite dishes can be distinguished thin tortillas, which are usually eaten instead of bread, and also used to make rolls and shawarma with all kinds of fillings. Unfortunately, in shops it is rare to find good and beautiful lavash. Often, it is either overdried or nedopechen. Therefore, the best solution is to learn how to bake lavash at home. Most likely, exactly the recipe you will not be able to observe, as traditionally for its preparation use a special oven. It is unlikely that you will find it in your home. But this is not an excuse to get upset, we'll show you how to do without it. We suggest you try the classic lavash recipe without yeast.

how to bake lavash at home

Getting acquainted with the recipe

Ingredients for this dish need very little. It's kefir, better low-fat, - a glass. Wheat flour - 3 cups. Vegetable, preferably olive oil, 1 tablespoon. Salt to taste and half a

teaspoon of soda. That's all. From the dishes - a sieve, frying pan. It is desirable that the frying pan is cast iron, with a thick bottom and walls. In it, lavash will get better.

So, how to cook lavash at home

lavash recipe without yeast

Take care of two things in advance: get kefir out of the refrigerator so that it is at room temperature by the time of preparation, and sift the flour through a sieve. In a large bowl, pour kefir, vegetable oil, salt and soda. Now take the container with flour and gradually pour it into the liquid part while mixing the dough. You should get a homogeneous consistency mass without any lumps. Dough to leave for half an hour, cover it with a clean dry towel. Finally, we turn to the main secret - how to bake lavash at home.

Furnace without oven

Remove the dough and lightly remember it in your hands, and then divide by the required number of parts. It depends on the size of your frying pan( look at the diameter of its bottom).Lubricate does not need anything, we will bake lavash on an absolutely dry frying pan. Roll each slice of dough into a thin round cake. Cook on high heat, frying from each side. In time it will take 15-20 seconds for each cake. Here is the answer to how to bake lavash at home without a special oven.

Fantasizing on the topic of filling

how to cook lavash at home

You can serve your Armenian dish still hot. It is very tasty to eat such lavash, wrapped in a piece of goat cheese and some greens! And here are some interesting ideas for a family dinner. Prepare such a juicy summer filling: pepper and fresh cucumber in small cubes, grated cheese, garlic and greens mix, season with natural unsweetened yogurt or sour cream. Wrap it in pita bread and fry on the grill. Just get delicious! You can do the same with cottage cheese. Add to it either sweet ingredients( dried fruits, honey, nuts, berries) or salted-sharp( cheese with herbs and garlic).Both options are good. Think of your delicious way of serving lavash - a lot of options: with eggs, mushrooms, chicken, seafood, fruits or vegetables. Most importantly, you know how to bake lavash at home, and it will not be difficult to choose a filling for it. By the way, it can be an excellent basis for fine pizza.

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