The child has dark urine, causes, consequences

The main reasons for changing the color of urine

In a healthy child, urine should normally be clear, straw colored. Sometimes troubled mothers discover a darkening of the urine of her child and, naturally, wonder why this happens. Change in the color of urine can occur for various reasons. This could be facilitated by eating or taking any medications the day before. However, urine of dark color can be the first symptom of the disease. Having found out in the child a darkening of urine, do not ignore this fact or, conversely, panic. Excluding the above reasons for nutrition and drugs, remember how much the child drank liquids on the eve and how often he went to the toilet. The matter is that urine of dark color can be a consequence of strong overheating or a rise in temperature. With a small formation of urine, it will darken in any case, becausetoxic substances, excreted from the body by the kidney system, accumulate in a small amount of excrement.

Urine of dark color What products can color the urine into a

dark color?

Some foods, especially plant origin, actively affect the color of urine. These include beets, carrots( with excessive consumption), blueberries, rhubarb. The use of herbal teas based on buckthorn or cassia also contributes to darkening of urine. It should be remembered that the abuse of products containing a large number of food colors affects the color of urine. What pathology is the urine of dark color?

Changing the color of urine is not always a consequence of nutrition. Unfortunately, this fact can be a sign of a serious illness, so you need to remain vigilant. Urine of dark color is found during dehydration, intoxication of the body, thickening of the blood, liver diseases, with kidney stones, inflammatory processes, and also as a result of trauma received after a fall or stroke.

The urine darkened and the smell of

appeared. If the child has dark urine with a smell, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. In this case, the change in color can be affected by viral hepatitis, popularly called jaundice. Thus at urine there is a dense and sharp smell. In addition, the presence of an uncharacteristic odor of urine may indicate inflammation of the urinary tract or dehydration. But not always a change in the color and smell of urine indicates any disease. The reason can again be taking medications, eating some food and drinks.

Why dark urine The main symptoms of diseases of the genitourinary system in the child

Usually, children who can talk, tell their parents about discomfort during urination. If the child is still very small, then you need to observe his behavior. Looking closely, you can see that the kid as if he wants to write all the time, but does not piss. When, after many doubts, the child still sits on the pot, a grimace appears on his face, which shows that he is unpleasant and painful. His belly tenses, tears appear in his eyes. Often children complain of pain in the back or lower back. The main symptomatology may be accompanied by a decrease in appetite, nausea, sometimes vomiting.

Your actions

Why dark piss? Where did the sharp odor in the baby's urine come from? If these questions are relevant for you, then you should immediately take the tests. After the laboratory examination, an experienced doctor will be able to diagnose and find out the reasons. Do not ignore such symptoms: neglected disease processes can lead to irreversible consequences.

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