Age of dogs by human standards. Correspondence of dog and human age

It is well known that the dog age is shorter than the human age. Owners always try to correlate the age of the pet and their own. The first in such cases on the mind usually comes standard advice: multiply the age of the dog by a factor of seven. That is, ostensibly for one year of his life the dog becomes as much older as a man in seven years. And is the age of dogs calculated by human standards?

age of dogs by human standards

Errors in

calculations In fact, this is not just a simplistic, but an erroneous approach. For example, you can try to compare the level of development of a child one year old and a one-year-old dog. It is obvious that the child still has very little that is able at this age and is completely dependent on the parents. A one-year-old dog is quite another matter: it is a young strong animal that has reached sexual maturity. A dog at this age is already ready to carry out the work assigned to it, to carry out patrol duty. By human standards - this is a teenager about 16-17 years old.

Such disproportions are explained by the fact that in the animal and human development processes occur with different intensities and at different periods of life. The most active growth of the dog falls on the first year and a half.

age of dog and person

Of course, all biological species pass through the same periods of growth, maturity and old age during their lifetime. And it is quite real to relate a certain age of a dog and a person. Another thing is that the dependence will not be linear, but more complex.

Coefficients of conformity

To compile a more accurate relationship, one should also consider the breed of the dog. Thus, larger breeds develop faster than small breeds. This is not surprising, considering that the life span of large dogs such as sheep dogs is much shorter than in dogs of small breeds, such as Pekingese or Bolonka. Well, the age of such giants as the St. Bernard is generally short.

In general, the more different correction factors are taken into account, the more accurate the calculation will be.

dog age table

Averaging, we can say that for young dogs under the age of three, the following ratio between canine and human age will be valid:

  • for small breeds - 12: 1;
  • for medium-sized dogs - 10: 1;
  • for the Giants - 9: 1.

Now you understand the age of dogs by human standards. Count yourself how old your pet is.

Dog life periods

Every month the life of a puppy under the age of one year is related to several years of human life. The first year of dog life is the period of accelerated physical development.

After the dog is 1 year old, the animal continues to develop rapidly, but for the most part not physically, but mentally. By the age of two, the dog can be compared with a young human being about 25 years old. The animal itself and very active, but has already experienced a period of childhood illnesses.

the age of the dog and man

Further period of canine life is characterized by a gradual slowdown in development. Starting from the third year, every 12 months, lived by a dog, correlate with 6-7 years of human life.

Conformance table for

The table of the age of dogs will help you to figure out more details with figures.

Dog( years / year)

Man( years old)

6 months.


8 months


10 months


12 months


18 months








































The average life expectancy of a dog is from 8 to 12 years. Regardless of the breed, the nutrition of few of the dogs overcomes the bar in 12 years. A 15-year-old reach only one. Each host must know the age of the dog and the person. This will correctly treat your pet.

How to determine the age of a dog

When a dog lives with its owner since childhood, the problem of age determination is not worth it. Many owners even arrange for their pets annual holidays in honor of their birthdays.

dog 1 year

It's another matter when an animal is picked up on the street or taken from a shelter. The exact age, of course, can not be calculated, but it is possible to determine how many years the dog is by indirect evidence. For this, there are several ways, the simplest of which is to show the dog to the vet. But you can try to determine the age and yourself.

We examine the pet's jaw and determine the age of

The first step is to examine the teeth of the animal. In most cases, already in the seventh month of life, the dog has a complete change of teeth. In the event that a visual inspection showed that the animal can boast of white and clean teeth, then the dog is still very young - it is not more than one year old. Plaque on the teeth of yellow color suggests that the dog is slightly older - somewhere 1,5-2 years. If tartar is seen, this probably indicates that this is an adult that has lived at least three years. Older dogs often have a deformed jaw, broken or worn out teeth. Some teeth may simply not be.

years of dog life

Other signs of growing

The second indicator that indicates the age of the dog is the state of her muscles. If the muscles are toned and well developed, this indicates that the animal is very active and runs a lot, which means it is full of energy and still young. Older dogs are not so active, their musculature is felt worse. Older individuals save strength and move little, so they often get fat. Sick animals of old age can look very bad: the hollow sides and atrophy of muscle tissue tell about it. In this case, the years of life of dogs can be established particularly accurately.

Wool will also tell a lot about the age of the animal. Soft, clean and shiny fur is clearly indicative of the fact that the animal is still very young. As the dog grows older, the coat becomes stiff and begins to resemble bristles. The wool of an adult specimen starts to shine because of the active work of the sebaceous glands. And the old dog can not be calculated by wool, as dogs older than 5 years actively lose the pigment, in other words, they turn gray, just like people. Gray hair spreads gradually and unevenly. It is best to look at the muzzle: there, gray hair is usually more noticeable. If we consider the age of dogs by human standards, then the gray hair of pets becomes more noticeable much earlier than their owners.

age of dogs by human standards

The approximate age of a dog immediately betrays its eyes. The young individuals have uncomplicated and shiny eyes. At the same time, the eyes are clean, there are no secretions. In older animals, eyes lose their luster, become dull and faded.

But, no matter how old the animal is, you should remember that a good attitude towards the animals and taking care of them prolongs their life. Now you know how to measure the age of dogs by human standards. Depending on this, pets are picked up food and even adjust the walk time. Do not forget that over the years, dogs are becoming less active and playful. Treat the animal with love, and it will respond with faithfulness and affection.