How to cook a delicious roast in a multivark

Multivark allows modern housewives to create real culinary masterpieces, because with it the cooking process turns into creative creation, the result of which will always be simply stunning. In this article, you will learn how to make roast meat in a multivarquet, which everyone will like!

Features of cooking

This dish is known to mankind since people began to cook meat on fire. Of course, over time it has changed significantly. However, the basis remained the same - meat and vegetables.

To prepare a roast, follow the sequence of steps. Otherwise, some products will be cooked earlier, while others will remain raw. That is why in the first place, meat is always fried, and then vegetables and other additives are introduced.

roast in a multivark

To get a real roast, you need a large cauldron with a thick bottom. After all, the cooking process will resemble quenching, and not frying or cooking. However, such a modern kitchen device, like a multivarker, allows cooking roasts even without the use of kazan. This d

evice combines all the necessary functions to create this delicious dish.

Is it possible to cook a roast in a multivark?

Modern miracle casseroles consist of a heating mechanism and a special bowl made in the form of a pan with a rounded bottom. And they are equipped with such functions as "Stove", "Hot", "Quenching", "Pilaf", which allow to cook the most delicious fries literally for 30-40 minutes. In this case, the participation of the hostess in the cooking process is minimized. The multivark itself determines the temperature and cooking time of different dishes.

The fry in the multivark, the photo of which is presented in this article, is one of the most popular dishes all over the world. Therefore, it can become a part not only of the daily diet, but also a real decoration of the festive table. And given the simplicity of its preparation, it's just a godsend for housewives who are used to saving time.

roast in a multivariate recipe

Which meat is better to use?

The roast in the multivark, the recipe of which is very simple, does not oblige to use any particular type of meat. In the dish, you can add pork, lamb, beef, chicken and even rabbit meat. Everything depends on personal preferences.

However, one must take into account that such hard meat as beef will require at least 1.5 hours of heat treatment for full cooking, while a chicken or rabbit is cooked in 30-40 minutes.

Garnish for meat fry in the multi-bowl

If you cook meat separately, you should take care of the garnish in advance, which can also be easily prepared in a multivariate. With meat, potatoes, spaghetti and various cereals are combined. To prepare the garnish you need to use the appropriate mode in the multivark and follow the instructions that are included in the kit.

On average, cooking of boiled rice or spaghetti from durum wheat takes 40 minutes. A potato will be ready in 20-25 minutes, because the multivarker evenly distributes heat on the bowl, due to which the products are processed quickly and evenly.

roast in a multivark photo

Roast chicken in the multivariate

Consider how to cook chicken roast in a multivark. This is the most common and simple recipe, because chicken meat can be purchased in almost any supermarket all year round. For roast only the loin will be needed, and the meat on the bone should be left to prepare the broth.

Chicken is cut into small cubes and fried in the "Frying" mode until a golden crust is formed. As a rule, this takes no more than 20 minutes. After that, salt the meat and add your favorite spices. Roast gets a particularly rich flavor when using rosemary, cardamom and cloves. Also do not forget to put the bay leaf.

Chicken perfectly matches with tomatoes, which give a piquant sourness. Therefore, you can use tomato paste for gravy. It is enough to add to the meat 2-3 tablespoons of pasta and a little warm boiled water. Then switch the multivarker to "Quenching" mode for 20 minutes. After the sound signal about the end of cooking, sprinkle with roast greens and serve with garnish.

roast in a multivark photo recipe

Roast with potatoes in the multivariate: the fastest and delicious recipe

If you want to simplify the process and not be engaged in preparing the garnish separately, then the next option is exactly right. Roast in a multivark, the recipe of which includes potatoes, can be made from pork. In this case, follow the same sequence as when using chicken. Meat should be cut into cubes or strips, fry until ready and season with salt and spices.

However, in this case, tomato paste is not required. Just add a little warm water and diced potatoes, then mix everything thoroughly. Some housewives also add carrots, zucchini and eggplant. But in this case the dish will look more like a stew.

In the "Quenching" mode, the roast with potatoes will be ready in 20-25 minutes. In this case, you only need to cook with the lid closed. The prepared dish can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. A function of heating in the multivarker will quickly refresh it.

roast with potatoes in a multivariate

If you still choose what to do for today's dinner, then cook the roast in the multivark. A photo of a recipe or a cookbook will certainly help to keep the right proportions, but do not forget to rely on your own taste and experiment.

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