How to name a kitten-boy: a choice for life

The appearance of a small fluffy creature in the house carries with it many pleasant troubles and worries. One of the important decisions in this case may be the choice of the nickname of a four-legged friend. Statistics show that only a fifth of people call cats without meditations. The rest for a long time look at the animal and only after some time choose a suitable name for it.

Some practical tips for

how to name a kitten boy Cats are very sensitive to how the words sound. They very well perceive hissing sounds - F, W, S, H, C. Therefore, they are well used in the name of the animal, so the kitten will soon get used to his nickname. He will easily accept a short nickname, consisting of only a few syllables. Do not give cats of human names - this can offend the person-namesake.


When deciding how to name a kitten-boy, you can pay attention to the appearance of the animal. Already on the basis of this, you need to invent a nickname. Depending on the color, the kitten can be called Ryzhi

k, Chernysh, Belka. If the baby has an interesting coat color around his eyes, he may be approached by the name Pirate. If the tail is unusually colored, the pet can be called - the tail.


Especially without hesitation, you can call a kitten-boy a usual nickname, such as, for example, Murzik, Snowball, Kuzya. It will be easily remembered, and grandparents without any problems will call him by name, without mistaking.

Foreign words

can be called a kitten boy When deciding how to name a kitten-boy, remember: for a nickname you can use foreign words. But first you need to know their meaning, so as not to call the baby "mouse" or "sausage".So, you can call him Cat, but only in a foreign way, depending on the language preferences of the host. As a variant of such names, one can consider the names of Gato( from Italian), Miko( in Japanese), etc.

Favorite celebrities

Often as a nickname to their pets, the owners choose the names of their favorite heroes or famous actors. So, you can often hear the nicknames of cats, like Napoleon, Matroskin, Leonard, Plato. They are quite organic enough for pets.

Human names

As already mentioned, it is better not to give animals human nicknames. However, choosing how to name the kitten-boy, you can use the ancient names, which today are practically not used in everyday life. So, the cat can be called Eremee, Abel, Augustus.


If the owners have purchased a thoroughbred animal, you can try to give him an original, "royal" name. So, you can call the cat Boniface( briefly - Boney) or Emmanuel( briefly - Maney).And you can call an animal by title. The name Count, Baron, Prince, Marques will suit the cat. how to call a kitten a boy cool


When deciding how to name a kitten-boy, you can give him a nickname depending on his character, as well as his behavior. If he is not fidgeting, you can call him Shustrick. If the animal is calm, unhurried, the name Tikhon will suit him. A proud cat, in turn, can be called Sultan.

Funny and original names

You can also call your cat a cheerful or original name. Choosing how to call a kitten-boy cool, you can try to give him the name of Lucifer, Belyash, Sausage, Smiley, Cotofey. There are many options - the main thing is that the owner has enough imagination.

Whatever name you choose for your cat, it's worth remembering that even in animals the nicknames have their meaning. Do not expect that the favorite with the nickname Boss will be obedient, and Shustrik - calm.

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