Haddock, baked in the oven, and other fish dishes of Russian cuisine

There have been many fish in the northern rivers and seas of Russia since ancient times, and therefore our cuisine is full of food from this product. Sevryuzhina with horseradish and black caviar, sturgeon and salmon - all our ancestors cooked, fried, stewed and baked. Today we will look at how to cook fish in the oven. True Russian furnaces even in villages are few, well, yes it does not matter: a good product will not lose its valuable qualities in the microwave. Haddock Baked in the oven

Haddock, baked in oven

One large fish to clean, gut, cut into pieces, rinse. A few cloves of garlic squeezed under the press, pour soy sauce and give the carcass time to swim in it. Grease the deep baking sheet with lean oil. We put on it pieces of haddock. Pour a little water, add spices( laurel leaf, white pepper and bell pepper), herbs( thyme, thyme, parsley).To salt it is not necessary, as it has already made soy sauce. We put the pan in the preheated oven. Somewhere in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, when the fi

sh is already letting the juice, you need to make a sauce: mix the sour cream with mayonnaise in equal proportions and add the ketchup until you get a pink color. Pour this slice of sauce and cook for another quarter of an hour.

Haddock, baked in the oven with vegetables Mullet baked in the oven

Prepared fish of codfish family rubbed with rosemary and salt, sprinkle with lime juice. Put several whole branches of cilantro and dill in the abdomen. From the eggplant, cut off the tips, cut it with thick rods. Cut the bulb into large half rings. Then fry in two soup spoons of olive oil until it is transparent( but not to a yellow-brown color).Add the eggplant and chopped tomato to the onions. Vegetables will give juice, but this is normal. Stew them you need, constantly stirring, about 10 minutes. Use a silicone brush to grease the baking dish with olive oil. In the center we lay a fish, on it - a vegetable mix. The oven should already be warmed up to 200 C. There the dish will hold for about half an hour. After that we take out the form, generously sprinkle the contents of grated Parmesan and send to earn "tan" for another five to ten minutes.

Festive haddock, baked in the oven

The recipe is laborious, but the result is worth it. Garlic and onions finely chop and fry in lean oil. Add spices: a spoonful of sweet paprika and coriander. Cooled mixture thoroughly smeared pieces of fish, slightly podsalivaem. The container with haddock is covered with a food film and let's marinate for an hour. At this time, we disassemble the leeks on separate leaves and boil 2-3 minutes in slightly salted water. Each piece of fish is wrapped in leeks( like cabbage rolls) and put on a baking tray. The dish is baked 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Haddock, baked in oven with garnish

Baking tray grease with thick oil. At the bottom put half of the cut into thin Keta baked in the oven potato slices, on it - crushed vegetables( carrots, sweet peppers, broccoli or cauliflower).We lay fish fillets on top of vegetables, salt. We cover with the remaining potatoes, pour sour cream and three hard cheese. We wrap the form in foil and send it to the stove for an hour at 180 C. When there are ten minutes left until the end of baking, remove the aluminum - to make a crust.

Mullet baked in oven

The mullet is similarly made, with the only difference being that this fish before the oven needs to be marinated for at least two hours in a mixture of two large spoons of sour cream, a teaspoon of mustard and two spoons of curry.

Keta, baked in the oven

Fish cut into large portions. Then salt and pepper, water generously with lemon juice. The bulb is finely chopped, similarly with a bunch of dill and parsley. Lubricate the foil sheet with a piece of butter. On it we put half of onions and greens, on this green pillow - ketu. We cover with the remaining onions and greens. Watering mayonnaise. Well wrapped in foil and sent to the oven. Let him squirm about an hour at 250 degrees.

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