Pork roast in the oven - royal recipe

Controversy over the benefits or harm of pork does not subside to this day. Long since fatty meat was a twofold attitude. On the one hand, neither lamb nor beef stand next to pork in taste, on the other - the greasiness of this meat is not very useful for the human body. And yet in the cold Russian winter evenings there is no better dish than pork loin in the oven pork loin, in the oven brought to a golden crust. Her fragrance will go around the house and call the whole family to the table. What can I say, any mistress likes to cook from pork meat. It does not take long to pickle, fry or cook. It is delicious in itself, so there is no need to use many condiments. Only recipes called "Korean in the oven" are known for at least a dozen, and each makes the meat uniquely delicious. We bring to your attention one of them.

In addition to meat, we will need: a couple of slices of bacon( you can smoked), a head of young garlic, a few twigs of thyme, four sprouts of buckwheat, a root of fennel, black pepper( preferably grou

nd directly during cooking), a little salt, one hundred grams of olive oil. And, of course, meat. The piece should be large, let it have at least three ribs. The bone on the bone in the oven is roasted so that even a child can eat such meat.

Preparation of

Pork washed and dried with thick paper towels, salt with salt and pepper. Fry in a large frying pan until golden brown. Peel the garlic. Press them lightly with something( for example, a spoon) so that they start the juice, but do not turn into a mess. Slice large fennel, fold it together with garlic in a deep baking dish, in which preheat to boil the olive oil. In it, lower the stars of badjan and twigs of thyme. Then add the meat to the rest of the ingredients. On both sides of the loin, attach pieces of bacon. They will help our meat to become uniquely juicy. Cover the bowl for baking with foil, put in a preheated oven to 200 degrees. Bake meat at medium temperature. The pork loin in the oven will be cooked for about an hour and a half. To ensure that the meat is not dry, it should be watered from time to time.

loin in the oven Sauce

During the time when the pork loin in the oven reaches its finally delicious
state, we prepare sauce for it. Put a frying pan on the fire, at the bottom of which, after frying, an appetizing crust remained. To get it off, fill it with a glass of water and boil it. Then scrape the crust off with a spatula. Later, when the pork loin in the oven is ready, the remaining garlic and fennel root wipe and put into the mixture in a frying pan. Then add a little mustard. All mix and leave to boil to the desired density.

loin on the bones in the oven Garnish

Cut the Koreku into pieces and pour the prepared sauce. Serve meat better with vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped cabbage( both fresh and sour), lettuce leaves are very suitable for this dish. A glass of red wine will give a piquant taste, help to relax and enjoy the tender meat.

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