Spicy kimchi - a recipe for traditional Korean cuisine

Kimchi at home and in the world

The kimchi dish is not young, Korean cuisine has known it for centuries. In Korea, it must be served for holidays, and on weekdays they cook with pleasure. Every Korean housewife knows several recipes of kimchi, which she got from her grandmother or mother, and she will necessarily pass them on to her daughters. In many cities of Korea, kimchi are celebrated every year, when friends and relatives go to visit each other to help prepare this dish for the winter. Today, the popularity of the dish has gone far beyond Korea and even Asia. Traditional Korean snack has become popular with the inhabitants of many countries of the world, and its popularity is growing more and more. Europeans and Americans are now also preparing kimchi, the recipe of which, incidentally, is quite simple, although it has many variations.

kimchi recipe The main recipe for kimchi and its additions

There are three main flavors in kimchi: hot pepper, spicy ginger and fragrant garlic. The bas

is of it is the Peking cabbage, fermented in these three ingredients. However, mistresses who already know how to cook kimchi, sometimes add other ingredients to their traditional recipe: carrots, spinach, sesame, bell peppers. And in any restaurant you can try kimchi, the recipe of which was perfected by the chef, adding it to your own taste. Often you can find in the food of oysters, nuts, seaweed, seafood.

How to cook kimchi? Recipe for a daily table

how to cook kimchi One kilogram of Peking cabbage to make out on the leaves and cut them into large triangles or squares. Pour a large salt into a plastic, glass or ceramic container. It will take about five tablespoons of table salt. Add a little cold water, put a little decay and leave for 10-13 hours. Brine to drain. Prepare the filling: peel the garlic head, pass through the crush, grate a ginger circle( 3 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm in thickness), pour a tablespoon of red pepper and sugar, pour a glass of boiling water. Leave on for 2-3 days. Then the liquid will need to be drained, and the ready-made kimchi can be stored in the refrigerator.

Kimchi. Recipe for a festive table

With 2 cabbages of Peking cabbage, remove 2-3 upper leaves, cut out along the length of 4 parts. Prepare a dressing: 200 g of warm water, 2 pods of dried red pepper, 1 tsp.ground dried tomatoes, a small handful of dried Bulgarian pepper of different colors, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt, ground ginger and sugar, half a head of garlic, half a pint of parsley. Quarters of the heads are wrapped with the removed leaves, put in bowls, pour the dressing, let it get leavened for 3-4 days. Serve by decorating the dish with Korean carrots.

Winter kimchi, recipe for canning

how to cook kimchi 4 kg of Peking cabbage cut into circles a few centimeters thick. Boil the brine: add 1.5 liters of boiling water 3 tbsp.spoons of sugar and the same amount of salt, a garlic head, diced, 4 pods of hot pepper( cut into slices), a piece of ginger about 2 centimeters long. When the pickle boils, and the ingredients are evenly distributed along it, load cabbage into it and blanch it for 5 minutes. Spread on sterile cans, filling tightly. Pour brine, roll and sterilize for 10-15 minutes.