Why pulls the lower back when pregnant?

Pulling the lower back when you are pregnant? Unfortunately, according to statistical data, about ¾ of future women in labor respond to this question positively. Nowadays, pains in bearing a baby in the womb have become so common that specialists are not accepted for pathology. pulls the lower back when pregnant Only in exceptional cases this kind of problem signals serious causes. Most often, the waist is pulled during pregnancy due to the fact that the load on the spine increases dramatically. Indeed, a woman is not accustomed to such changes, and her body expresses a certain protest. In addition, some of the fair sex until the moment of delivery does not want to give up the heels, hence, again there are intolerable pain.

Why pulls the lower back in early pregnancy?

Certainly, unpleasant sensations accompany the pregnant woman all 9 months. However, it is not always worth writing off such an unpleasant situation on a developing fetus in the womb. The thing is that in exceptional cases, as already mentioned above, if the wa

ist is pulled during pregnancy, you should not leave this matter without attention. Below, we consider the main causes of this kind of problem.

  1. First, a woman, being in position, especially in the early stages, like no other is vulnerable to various kinds of viruses and infections. According to experts, it is necessary not only to try to endure a strong and healthy baby, but also pay close attention to its immunity, so that the woman's body does not reject the child. aching loin in pregnancy Most often, the future childbirth suffers from a disease called "pyelonephritis"( inflammation of the kidneys).How to distinguish this disease from others? First of all, it is worth noting that inflammation, as a rule, occurs only on one side, therefore, and pain will be present in one zone. In addition, pyelonephritis is often accompanied by high fever. To avoid the development of the disease, it is better to pass the necessary complex of tests and, if necessary, to start therapy.
  2. Secondly, if you pull the lower back when you are pregnant, you probably remember about osteochondrosis. In fact, it's nothing dangerous. However, on the other hand, if you used to use special ointments, now they should be put away in the back box, because the probability of damaging the fetus is quite high. Most of these drugs have a dangerous snake venom in their composition. The only correct solution in this situation is an immediate consultation with a doctor who can recommend individual treatment.

pulls the lower back in early pregnancy Summing up

So, if you regularly have a low back during pregnancy, and the pain is strong enough, you need to immediately consult a doctor. In addition, when accompanied by unpleasant sensations bloody discharge or frequent urination, this is also a signal of danger. If the pain is insignificant and irregular, you can not worry, but fully enjoy your new position.

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